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Zelda Art LOZ: Link of the Shiekahs

Jun 21, 2011
Going 2 Hyrule Castle
Chapter 1

TAB He examins his surroundings incase an escape route was needed. This was the first time he has ever seen anything fancy, cushioned and painted. Knowing only a life of poverty he stands in "awe" as he just takes in the Sacred Room. He reforms his focus to what he came for, "Eye on the prize" he told himself. There it was! What he came for, what he came only thing left is to take it from the clutches of the sleeping Ooocoo. Cautiously and slowly he pries the gem from it but hesitates and wakes it up >.<. It sounds an alarm. Now knowing that his life was on the line he put the gem in his sack and made a break for it!!! Guards busted out of his main exit! He reverts the the other directions, avoiding the spears tossed at him. He takes out his trusty boomerang and throws it backwards. The chandeliers are sliced and they fall on the guards. "Over there!!" bellowed a guard pointing up, where the thief just left throught the skylight.
TAB Bump. Bump. Bump. Surfing the shingles he takes jumps to the closest tower uses his dagger to stab it and slow his descent. Once on the ground he does what his tribe does best; stick to the shadows!!! He can hear the guards hot on his tail so he reroutes through the compact alleys of Skyloft, makes a a sharp turn and head butts a beautiful young blonde girl. "Sorry, my bad" Picks himself up and scurries away quickly, too fast that he didn't hear her yell "Hey, You forgot this!"
TAB Pitter! Patter! Pitter! Patter! Nayru must have gotten angry since the rain started to downpour violently. Run! Run! Breathe! Cough! Run! Stop!!! He had reached the cliff. He had remembered it being farther. He turns around and *gasp D:* Guards!
TAB "Hey wait up!" yelled the blonde girl as she ran towards him. He was shocked at seeing her return, especially this late at night (Midnight) "You forgot this!" she blushed at the sight him. He put the gem back in his sack.
TAB "Oy!! Hold it right there!!!" The thief covered his face with his hood; the guards had cornered them. The chief squinted "Is that you, Princess Zelda?"
TAB "You're the princess? he inquired.
TAB "Uh-huh..." she squinted trying to get a good look at him when abruptly he turned her around and put his cold dagger on he warm soft flesh.
TAB "Okay, nobody move!"
TAB "Hold your fire" Yelled the chief to the spearsmen. "What do you intend to do? Huh! You got no where to go! Just hand over Zelda and the gem and we'll makes sure you'll only get few years in prison."
TAB He smirked. He whispered Zelda to scream. "AAAhh!!!" He fell down, Zelda clutching on to him for dear life.

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