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Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]


c o u r a g e ;
Jul 20, 2009
Lost Woods
Hey, looks like you make some fantastic work, so I have a request:

You mentioned that you made a banner further up there, could you make one for me with the same dimensions using this picture?http://www.gameguru.in/images/assassins-creed-10.jpg

I'd also like a text saying "Chaotic Oblivion Codes..." on it if it's not too much trouble.

Much thanks to you. :)
This is what I came up with, you can tell me if you want me to do it over. =)

While that happens, I have an update for this place. =)

To be continued....

<3 ......
Oct 4, 2009
United States
It is indeed very impressive. With each post you made, you can see the different techniques that you used for all of the signatures in each post. You can definitely see the improvement from your very first post as well. Awesome work, man. I'm really loving it.


Dec 3, 2008
I appear to be in need of a new Signature, and I'm very impressed by your work, so I would like to request one. As I like my sigs cluttered and blurry, these pictures, or more specifically the characters in them in the sig:
Just not with the backgrounds of course if there are any. Also I would like the background of the sig to be light pink, with some white mixed in, and please make it blurry. Or some sort of effect like that. As for the text I would like "Kazumi" is some sort of stylish hand written font down in the bottom right corner.

I hope I'm not asking for to much..

Oh. And as for the dimensions, 400 X 250 - 200ish is fine.

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