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Looking For Fans To Help With A Legend Of Zelda Script


Inspiring Youtuber
Jun 20, 2019
Hello To Everyone Who Decided To Check Out This Post. I Had An Idea For Legend Of Zelda But Haven't Decided If It's Worthy Of Being A Game Or Being A Show Script, However My Idea Is 4 Parts. Part 1 Would Be About Link Doing Fighting Off Something In Order To Be Recognized By The Royal Family. Part 2 Would Start With Link Starting To Train To Be A Knight Of The Royal Family, However Another Threat Would Threaten Hyrule That Would Require Link, Zelda, And A New Ganondorf To Work Together In Order To Fight It Off. Part 3 Would Be The Part In Which The New Ganondorf Would Need To Turn Against His Allies In Order To Do What's Best For His People And The Fight That Would Commence. Part 4 Would Be The Only Part That Could Be Taken Out As It Would Consist Of A Character Gathering Every Version Of Ganondorf And His Allies Together In One Place In Order To Change History Which Would Cause The Link So Far To Gather His Other Selves. So If Any Of You Are Interested In Helping Out Or Have Questions Concerning This Please Let Me Know And Once Again Thanks For Checking Out The Thread.

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