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Link's Partner


Aug 29, 2010
Hey guys, this thread is about Link's Partner, or "Phi" and/or "Fi". (Name please?)
Anyways I found a video of her and a picture that I thought was pretty interesting, check them out:

Ps. Sorry if the picture is so small.

And here's the video: [video=youtube;DnpFP2ijdAg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnpFP2ijdAg&feature=player_embedded[/video]

(I suggest skipping to 9:00 in the vido)

She says (in a strange auto-tuned voice) "Upgrade detected. Analysis indicates... etc." This sounds very odd, like a machine or "robot" to put it, doesn't it? This is just a speculatio of mine, but she could be some kinda of mechanical creation of the gods or something. But at the same time, i'm kinda of against it because she doesn't look mechanical, but it sounds like it.

Post your thought on this..... cuz i'm freakin confused! :hmm:
Oct 21, 2010
hmmm... interesting, I noticed that too, and thought it was odd, it would make since if she was a computer, since I think the guy who created this game (can't remember his name) said that she wasn't really a she, but she was more of an it.
May 15, 2011
I posted a bigger version of that picture on the other thread about her.
Here it is again:

Feb 23, 2011
Her voice sounds cool. I think she sounds similar to Midna.

EDIT: A little off-topic, but did anyone happen to catch that cool back-flip slash attack that Link used? Epic.
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Jan 19, 2011
She sounds like an autotuned japanese girl... o_0
Jul 24, 2010
Charlotte, NC
her way of speaking sound's like samus aran's computer when her suit detects something. her voice sounds a little bit like someone speaking german really really fast.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
Phi being a machine would explain a few things, first her odd speech pattern and then an interview from a year ago.

""Basically what leads Link on this adventure is the Skyward Sword," said Aonuma. "When that sword is actively guiding Link it actually transforms into a feminine figure. I wouldn't say that it's female per se but it's a feminine figure.""
Now a robot can be feminine looking but not necessarily female. However in a fantasy game they do not often like to use terms like robot, golem or construct are more often used. Phi could very well be a constructed to aid Link on his journey or protect the people of Skyloft over a simple messenger from the gods. Although past experiences and many screenshots from parts of the game show a very high tech society or past society in Hyrule. First seen in TP in the City in the Sky and the Temple of Time. Now seen again in SS in the Sky Temple and a few other locations seen in the trailer.

The ancestors of the Hylians created the temple... Signs of their civilization-
-ancient, but very sophisticated--are everywhere.
If someone could obtain the power of those ancient people... Well, I am sure it
would go a long way toward saving Hyrule.—Rusl




All the many tubes, conveyor belts, riveted metal structures attached to a crystal of some kind that powers it, neon lights, and multi limbed robotic enemies. It seem that there will be a lot of ancient magic tech in this game. Now one only wonders if it is the work of ancient Hylians, the demons, or the gods. I am really hoping they do not pull an ancient aliens explanation with this game as a reason behind all the strange technology. Even if that cold be the only reasonable explanation for the oocca.

Of course in many different stories any form of technology is considered unnatural and bad for the earth, making it the tools of the villains. It could be possible that the tech here is the work of the demons of the ground, while magic and reverence for the gods and nature is the work of the Hylains and normal people. Phi could be the one wild card that was never meant to be used by a Hylian. And that is why Ghirahim knows about her, and how she was the only reason Link survived their duel.

Unlucky Monkey

The Great King of Apes
May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany
her way of speaking sound's like samus aran's computer when her suit detects something. her voice sounds a little bit like someone speaking german really really fast.

Ha :D
In another Thread, I wrote that it sounds like some russian gibberish. Well, even if you speak the german language really fast, it is still slow :D
You have to compare german video reviewer like GamePro against the american guys from GameTrailers :D
When the german reviewer is at the half of his report, the american reviewer has allready finished his review.

Anyway. This Phi gibberish sounds very interesting.

About the russian thing, here is something to compare:

Phi Talking (at minute 09:00)


A song from t.A.T.u. in Auto Tune style:


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