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Links Hair.

Oct 31, 2009
Whenever I see dark-haired Link, all I can think of is "Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!"

Maybe Nintendo was trying to leave that behind when they made him blond/pink. :P


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Jun 23, 2010
Herts, England
I don't particularly mind his hair being blond, brown or the varied shades in between. That's probably a given though since I like people who have the marvellous hair which seems to change colour after so long in the sunlight. So, from that I just like seeing the two contrasts and the scale in between.

So long as he doesn't change to some strange colour suddenly like, blue, all will be good I guess.
Wit links armour, I like his blond hair. But what would be perfect would be a brounet link with red and brown suit with a blonde Zelda. I liked adult Zelda from TP the most, but I wish she was blonde. But I kind of want Sheik to have worn a brown-haired-wig. The weird thing is that in SSBB, Zelda has brown hair, but Sheik has blonde hair. Aonoma (or h/e you spell his name) said they were going to put sheik in the game but took her out because it would be too much like OoT. Also, ZU released a realistic fan art showing what sheik would have looked like in TP, so that got me speculating for a while. ANyways, I like the young zelda from OoT/MM the most. I wonder what young zelda in ZSS and TP would look like. I honestly, do not like Tetra at all. Anyways, the hair was just color limitations. And the concept arts that were not made by nintendo was because they did not know he was blonde.


Fluffy hair!
Jun 15, 2010
*blond vs. blonde. "Blond" is the male term, "blonde" is the female term. Yay weirdness in the English language!

Woah are you serious?! O_O I use the term "blonde" for both genders anyway... XD

I read somewhere a long time ago--from an interview, probably--that Miyamoto or someone else from the Zelda team decided to make Link blonde during development for Ocarina of Time because it was what was "attractive" back then (with blue eyes, or course). They wanted to make Link look more attractive so they changed his hair and eye color. XD

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