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Links Age in Ocarina of Time

Dec 30, 2011
I honestly think as a child he was 10-12 years, then as an adult 17-19 years. 7 is WAY too young, why would 14 be considered an adult? That's still technically a kid.
Apr 27, 2012
i thought he was 10, and his "adult age" was 17. "adult link" was a fan name, and it's not really his official name, so he doesn't HAVE to be 18.
Apr 30, 2012
Bristol, England
I always imagined he was 10 and 17 so I wasn't far off :)
I don't think the nickname "adult link" is a problem considering he was 16... in medieval times a 16 year old male would most certainly be considered a man. He could be married with children already.

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