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Link Is His Own Grandpa

Jul 19, 2019
United States
TP Link is confirmed to be OOT Link's blood descendant. Yet according to Skyward Sword lore, he's also supposed to possess the Spirit of the Hero, which all Links are implied to have. And if you believe the reincarnation theory, which Nintendo themselves leave open (they literally state in Hyrule Historia that all the Links might be the "same person".) then this would literally make Link his own grandpa, at least in Twilight Princess.
Official artwork like this created by Nintendo themselves doesn't help.


In case you don't know, it's TP Link with OOT Link's pose.
What do you all make of this? How could the Hero's Shade have been talking to Link if they both possessed the Spirit of the Hero? Is it just something we're supposed to ignore and not point out? Lol. This is even more confusing than the messed-up timeline.

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Feb 4, 2016
For me the spirit of the hero is simply a list of traits one has as opposed to a reincarnating soul. In the Wind Waker Jabun asks if Link is the hero of Time to which the KoRL says no he has no connection to him. Plus the whole TP link meeting the hero's shade. As well as the highly debatable theory that Gramps of ALBW is in fact the hero of legend (ALttP)

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Oct 18, 2011
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All that was confirmed was that the Hero's Shade is the Hero of Time. I don't recall it being stated officially that they are related. I mean I do remember the Hero's Shade referring to TP Link as his son in one instance, but I think that should be taken lightly. He did say some of the hidden skills "Don't leave our bloodline" or whatever. So if they are related by blood, all that this suggests is that the bloodline of a Hero has a higher chance to be endowed with the Spirit of the Hero?
Oct 17, 2018
the question remain:
WHO is the grandma of TP link? i can say that it's not zelda because link lives in a backwater village in the middle of the "once" lost woods and not as part of the royal family or something.
so what is left is princess ruto,malon and saria. 2 can become adults and one is eternally stuck in a child's body,even if she is older than everyone else.
place your bets ladies and gentleman. this ride will become wild soon enough.

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