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Link in Final Fantasy?


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Mar 6, 2011
The Lost Woods
Hi all.

I was off playing one of my favorite games: Final Fantasy 1 and I was in the Elf town of Elfeim going to the Lvl three White Magic shop when I decided to stop and read the Gravestones, all of them stated that each one was a gravestone, except the last. The last one says "Here Lies Link". I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.


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May 26, 2010
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This was found out to be an easter egg, or at the very least a reference, in FF such a long time ago. Basically Square Enix's way of honoring one of Nintendo's greatest franchises :3


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Nov 29, 2010
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That actually was placed there as a joke by the Suqaresoft staff on purpose. Playing around with the idea that all the elves there dressed in green looked exactly like Link from Zelda.


There is also a Master Sword that can be used in a couple FF games as well.

It mostly appears in the Tactics games, which are also known to have various cameos of other named characters. And in Fable 3 you can find a small wooden sword buried in a grave with the message "It's Dangerous to go alone. Take this" carved on the gravestone. Of course that game was also filled with lots of references to other games and characters. Even going as far as to have a group of villagers that play dungeons and dragons in one town.


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May 10, 2010
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Actually, in the original Final Fantasy for the NES, it was "Here lies Erdrick" from their own Dragon Quest series, referring to the fact that he (and the series) was dead at the time. However, this grave is a stab at Nintendo, as it is stating that Link is a "dead Hero," in that his time is past. However, as evidenced by SS and TP, his time is long from being past.
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Sep 10, 2011
yeah. it was a joke that I have laughed at multiple times. I was astonished at first, but then i chuckled everytime i played

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