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Link Does Sleep...


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Feb 8, 2011
Note: The contents of this article are completely satirical and in no way is designed to intentionally insult Link.


This is the first word we hear spoken by the ever-memorable Navi when she comes into Link's treehouse, as is ordered by the Great Deku Tree. But what does she find our great hero doing? Well...he's slumbering. Tired from a long day of playing hide-and-seek in the Kokiri Forest, it seems, or trying to pull up tufts of grass. So it seems he's getting plenty of rest before he saves the world.

Basically, have you ever thought he's lacking sleep? Well...

"Oi! Big Brother!"

Aryll pops her head up through the lookout trapdoor and jostles Link awake. She asks what day it is, but he doesn't remember. Obviously he has been dozing for quite some time for him to forget it's his birthday. :huh:


Fado the ranch-owner appears below Link's house, yelling for him to get up. He appears at the window, bleary-eyed and dazed. But upon hearing his boss's voice his eyes widen, and he's off at once to find Epona and go herd goats. Still, you can't help but wonder what made Fado awaken Link in such a brisk approach. He must've been really late for work. Poor Link. :(

"Craw!" (Supposed sound)

Zelda's Loftwing busts Link's window shutters open with her beak, the letter clamped between it. Link, meanwhile, shouts from the unexpected arrival and jumps out of his bed, completely shocked. Regardless he gets up and accepts the letter. Immediately he opens it and his fatigue washes away as he peruses its contents. Pretty surprising if you bear in mind how tired he was. He could have slept all day; that's how peaceful he looked. :tired:

So, in Skyward Sword he'll be able to sleep at will. But what about the games before it? Apparently SS Link's "descendants" love to sleep. Could it be genetic traits, or is he simply idle, conserving his strength for saving Hyrule...again? :rolleyes: Tell me your thoughts below!


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Jul 23, 2011
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I have always enjoyed all those times when Link is sleeping before saving the day. One note that you forgot was that he alsos sleeps in the brief begining of Link's Awakening (pun intended).


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Sep 2, 2011
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Alttp, hes also asleep. its funny how once link wakes up, he never sleeps again... until maybe after the game is over and he sleeps until the next game =P
Feb 4, 2011
This was even in the first episode of the cartoon. No doubt Link trying to get as much sleep as possible since he'll need to be awake for the next few dozen hours. Otherwise, maybe he's sleeping when the game is off.

Actually, here's another question, when does he eat?


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Feb 12, 2011
Dark Realm
heh, Link does seem to sleep at the beginning of most games, but, for DuelMark's question, I've seen Link 'eat' Poes from a bottle in OoT... :/ thought it was odd...
Jan 27, 2011
here's my theory, each Link subconciously knows that they will go on an epic journey, so they sleep in order to save their energy for the adventure that approaches them, which is why you'll never see Link sleep at any point after the intro of the games
May 27, 2012
When I was little my brother told me that Link sleeps when you turn your console off. (:
Weren't you able to sleep in your own bed in Minish Cap any time you wanted?

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