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Link As a Girl?


Mysteries of the Deep
Nov 18, 2011
well maybe not a female link, but instead have zelda rescue link! After, Ganon could come back and it says in a story: "If i could capture link, i would get the princess!" And yeah, you woud control zelda in a 3-d game to rescue Link.
Dec 23, 2011
I female Link would be awesome.
Plus, then I'd have a legit excuse to be attracted to Link.
And then people couldn't call me gay anymore. :'3
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Pokemon Master
Apr 5, 2012
I wouldn't mind playing as Zelda and 'rescuing' Link xD
It would be an interesting change which would allow them to experiment with different gameplay elements.
Jan 20, 2012
Thats a very interesting idea! I wouldn't like it at ALL, but theres no reason, aside from going against the Zelda formula and upsetting a lot of players, it couldn't happen.
Apr 26, 2012
Not that I'm against it so much, I am a girl and all but I just think it would be really different and maybe wouldn't fit right.
The items of course wouldn't change.
I would still stick with the guy Link though...


Just Some Dude
Apr 13, 2012
How about another game consisting of Zelda saving Link? I think the first one consisting of this was a PC game, or maybe I'm mistaken.

Shh... we don't speak of the CD-i games. Haha jk :)

But really, I'm not against the idea of a girl Link or playing as Zelda in and of itself, but I just don't think it would fit with the Zelda universe already established. Link, while a general hero the player is encouraged to "link" themselves to, has a few set characteristics about him, including his sex. A pick "pick your sex" option wouldn't feel right- everyone knows canonically that he's male. I can't really see it working.

And playing as Zelda, even momentarily, would be weird, and feel vaguely Paper Mario or Super Princess Peach-ish.

Unless... changing your sex becomes the "other side of the world" if you will. ALTTP had the dark world, OoT had the past and the present, TP had the regular and Twilight worlds... a future game having a "man" world and a "woman" worlds?! Interesting idea, and has a major potential for social commentary/ satire. Hahaha but seriously, a sex-changing Link game would never fly with old-fashioned Nintendo.
Apr 15, 2012
It would be cool for there to be a female Link. They hero of time as a girl would be different because it's always been a guy.
Dec 22, 2011
I think that would be very interesting. Maybe Zelda would be completely absent. Or Zelda and the female character could be best friends.
Apr 8, 2012
I think it's technically possible. In fact i think that sounds pretty cool, but she couldn't be named Link. That would be weird.

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