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Spoiler Linebeck-A Heck of a Character!


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Linebeck is arguably one of the best, if not, then the best character in the Zelda series. He started out as a jerk when you met him. He was a selfish coward who always ran away and left all the hard work to you. Further on in the story, though, we saw him grow as a character. He was really cool and even ended up saving us in the end.

Now, we've seen our fair share of great characters in the Zelda series. We've had Midna, Marin, Ezlo, Tatl, Zelda (especially Tetra), and other great characters. Despite Phantom Hourglass a "bad" Zelda game (although it's a really awesome Zelda game! Some people just say it's bad so that's what I wrote), it's cast of characters was wonderful, and the one who caught my eye was no other than Linebeck!

He started out running away from you. He was a dirty liar, who said he "broke" his leg and that he couldn't run. He was a coward from every moment of the game. He made "clever" excuses, like he had to maintain the ship, just to get away from getting his hands dirty. He then starts complaining that where the heck was the treasure, when you were done with rescuing Tetra from the Ghost Ship (first time). He was going to stop letting us use his ship, until Oshus (Ocean King) told him that he'll grant him one wish.

Now let's fast forward to the final battle of Phantom Hourglass. Bellum was trying to attack Link, but Linebeck saved us. He was then possessed by Bellum, who then became a Phantom. We were able to defeat him. After the Ocean King gets his powers back, he then tries to explain everything, and that reveals that we (as the player) are in a different world. Now you can see Linebeck's character development. We see him feel sorry and looks like he will miss Ciela. When the Ocean King then starts to give him his wish for treasure, he takes back his wish and, instead, wishes for his destroyed ship back. That was a really huge thing, especially for a man who couldn't care for treasure in the beginning of the game.

Anyways, that was why I saw Linebeck as an interesting character. His stubbornness also added a new layer to his character that I'm sure we all loved. So, do you agree that Linebeck was an awesome character, or do you have different thoughts of your own?
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