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Let's Play The What If? Game



i would get surgery to look like an alien

what if you suddenly won the lottery?
Feb 5, 2011
Then I'd party and place my millions in my saving, watch it grow for 5 years and then I'll have enough to create my own animated series based on Zelda and have total control so that nobody can do something stupid like, say, give a role I gave to Josh Keaton to Drake Bell instead.

What if Nintendo decided to publish novels to create expanded universe stories on Zelda like the Star Wars or Doctor Who expanded universe, stories that take place outside the main medium the franchise is usually seen in?
Feb 5, 2011
Then you own that stuff now

What if the next Zelda game is so good that Michael Pachter will apologize for ever doubting Nintendo?
Feb 5, 2011
Then the poor Master Sword would be used for something other than slaying evil... putting it to waste.

What if Link took on Godzilla?
Dec 21, 2011
Vernon Hills, Illinois
Then the four Links would have another thing to fight over because the master sword can't replicate its self.

What if the geography in Hyrule made sense, so there can't exist a large lake, desert, and snowy mountain sitting right next to each other like in Twilight Princess?
Feb 5, 2011
Then there'd be none of the dungeons I liked the most in Twilight Princess.

What if the next game features a final boss like the titular creature from The Firebird Suite in Fantasia 2000?

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