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The Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda:the Iphone Adventure?


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Sep 1, 2008
Not that it's ever going to happen, but I think it would be sort of meh... I have an iPhone, and I can tell you that the phone is fine for simple games that don't require much effort, but for more advanced games you really do need buttons. Especially for a game like Zelda, I think being able to move around and actually feeling the button press whenever you swing your sword... it only adds to the feeling of the game. No go for me.
Feb 12, 2011
Florida, USA
The closest to a Zelda game on the iPhone to my knowledge would be the Zenonia series. I've played the first one but like others have said, the touch only controls make the gameplay feel awkward. It's not bad but still IMO, not as good as ALTTP, the closest comparison.
Jan 28, 2011
calm down, they're not actually making this, i just think it would be cool if they did port or remake the original zelda or even a whole new zelda: What do you guys think?

It's extremely doable. In fact you can do this already, but it requires jailbreaking your iPhone, in which you would then get the NES emulator and find the ROMs for it.

As far as a remastered version of the games; it would take some time, effort and most importantly skill. The only problem with that, is that you wouldn't be able to release it commercially because Nintendo would probably wield their copyright hammer from he** and beat you to death with it.


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Nov 15, 2010
Well, I suppose this would work as a mini-spin off game that doesn't really have any plot. They can't make an iPod/iPhone app that big anyways. And even if they were to do this, it would be rarely known to all except DARK MASTER.


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Dec 24, 2010
Maybe like some sort of spin-off mini-game. I don't think there's the technology for a full-blown Zelda game on an iPhone right now. I don't know. Maybe. I don't think I would really like that, though.

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Nah, I don't think it'd go over very well. It'd be kinda strange to play with touch controls, like everyone else has said. On top of that, it just wouldn't have the same feel as the "real" Zelda games.


Jan 17, 2011
I THINK IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing i would be worried about is not having buttons.


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Aug 29, 2010
Atlanta, Ga
No, I don't like the concept of Zelda on the iphone or android phones. Probably going to sound pompous here but I think that cheapens the quality of the franchise. Especially considering that the iphone's controls are not so great and that the limited power on the iphone would hinder the game's overall quality (limited power compared to a video game console).


Oct 24, 2010
I've got an iPhone and it's pretty nifty for certain things but I never play games on it. I've never been a fan of hanhelds, let alone mobile games.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
I have Graal Online Classic on my iPod, have been playing it for months now. So far that might be the closest thing to a Zelda game on the iphone even though it is unofficial, it borrows everything from ALTTP from graphics to gameplay and items.


It should be easy to pick out the similarities here.

But as far as an actual Zelda app goes, I actually hope it would be no more complex than ALTTP. Controls on an iphone touchscreen are not great and I doubt I would do well in a iphone version of PH or ST. A simpler game such as LoZ would be hard enough to play without any more complex controls or items beyond move and attack with sword. Maybe if Nintendo actually went out of their way to produce simple touchscreen games meant for the app store and not just weird hard to play ports such as the Sonic the Hedgehog series. But I do not see that happening since Nintendo already has their own handheld device with it's own online downloable content. So anything showing up on an iphone would be just as strange a concept as a Nintendo game appearing on a Sony device.

That does not mean some crafty individuals cannot make an "unofficial" port of some kind into an app. People would have to grab it fast before it disappears though.
Feb 15, 2011
I play the original Zelda on my android phone all the time...its also capable of playing ANY zelda game for NES or SNES.

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