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Least Favorite Kind of Weather

Viral Maze

Verb the adjective noun
Feb 5, 2010
Of all the weather phenomena I've experienced, blizzards are my least favourite, even though I'm a huge fan of snow and snowy weather.
That being said, I've never experienced a tornado, or hurricane or anything nuts like that.


All about the treasure
Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
High winds. It scares me. I'm always afraid that the high winds will develop into something much worse; like a tornado. Then I'll die. Makes it very hard to sleep on windy nights. I'm not too fond of cold weather either. And if it's TOO hot I run the risk of having a heat induced seizure, so I'm not digging the heat much. But it's the wind that really gets me the most.


Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
Snowy weather is my least favorite one. I don't like the snow very much because its cold and it turn into ice after it goes away. So, I really dislike the snowy weathers.
I hate really heavy, wet snow. Too much to play in and too uncomfortable to boot. All it serves to do is make the temperature miserable, and you'll have to stay out and wade through it in order to shovel it all. And when I say really heavy, I mean serious blizzards, at least a couple feet. Large amounts of snow are still worth it to me to play through, but past, say, 1-2 feet, it's just too much for me.


birb overlord
Sep 16, 2011
I HATE humid weather. It makes my hair frizzy; I feel all sticky, and it's just gross. It's usually really, really hot, too. Blehhh, it's just... gross.


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
Snow. I hate weather where there is snow. One because it is cold and the cold sucks. My bones ache the whole time. And two, because snow means I have to shovel. And my back always suffer when I shovel. Snow may look pretty, but it sucks.
I was born in July so you would know all too well that I enjoy heat and in that case I seriously hate cold just as much as I love heat. A slight breeze I can stand as long as it's with in the headed part of the year but as for Fall and Winter style cold I hate it beyond any imagination can comprehend.

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