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Latest Video Game Purchase

Sep 12, 2011
Well That would be Final Fantasy VII (Play Station Network release) and Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop Distance which I bought on Its release.


I think mine was Fable 3... I think. Had played and beaten it before, but I wanted to play it again.


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Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
I just pre-ordered Kirby's 20th Anniversary collection as well as Halo 4 from Best Buy. I should be expecting a Halo 4 poster and 10 bucks back.
Aug 12, 2012
Just bought Theatrythm Final Fantasy yesterday. Great game, lots of fun!

I also just bought Oracle of Seasons AND Oracle of Ages!! Very excited, been searching for quite some time, and finally found them!
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Apr 12, 2012
That would be a real shame. The messed up part is that you bought Army of Two for the online mode... Really? It's not even good. Call me crazy, but I'd assume the selling point of Army of Two is the co-op campaign, but that's just me.

No, I did not get it for competitive multiplayer at all, not the biggest fan of those. I did get it for co op campaign, but they shut down the servers on the online in general. I wanted to buy it so I could get into Army of Two, but with a friend. Tried to play it by myself, got bored, just don't like playing those types by myself.

My latest purchase would be a pre order on Borderlands 2.

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