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Latest Video Game Purchase

Jun 1, 2010
I just bought the PS3 320 GB Move bundle today. I may put an unboxing video on YouTube It was definitely the best deal for the money, what with the rising prices of hard drives because of the flooding in Thailand. Not to mention, buying the 320 GB system and the bundle separately would have cost about $50 more. Oh, and I got a great discount (about $35, or 10%) since I know a guy who's wife works there.
So, I guess the last game I bought would be Sports Champions. Before that was Skyward Sword on launch day.
I had Xenoblade Chronicles next at the top of my list, but now that I have a PS3, I have a whole bunch of other games on my list.
Update: A couple days ago, I ordered Star Ocean: The Last Hope for PS3. My hope is that we get Skyrim next, but my brother wants to get inFAMOUS, and he is the one who won (well, earned) the gift card that paid for most of the PS3, so its kind of his decision. I will give an update with the next game we get.


I bought Xenoblade Chronicles just a couple of weeks ago - alas, I've yet to even open it :( I'm getting very worried that I won't have time to play it before summer. I also nabbed Kid Icarus: Uprising while it was on sale, I love the dialogue in that game!


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Southern USA
I bought Xenoblade Chronicles as well when it first came out. Played it a little bit, hoping to really get into it sometime soon.

Also today, I bought Super Mario 3D Land from a discount store I have near me and I got it for $20. Not entirely sure if it was brand new but I want to think it was due to there being no save file, still had all the papers in it, and it played like a charm. :)
Apr 4, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
WHOLE MESS OF NINTENDO GAMES....i fell into some free cash so i picked up super mario galaxy 2, Kirbys return to dream land, super mario bros. Wii, donkey kong country returns, and fortune street... super stoked!


Got Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Tactics, not sure yet whether I like the Tactics game but FFII is pretty awesome, also nice soundtracks.
Apr 22, 2012
Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Skyward Sword, next one I plan to buy is Kid Icarus Uprising, or to win, cause I'll win it in the April Giveaway! (Being Positive)

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