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Latest Video Game Purchase

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Did you also settle for standard edition? I guess Best Buy did come with that free art print thingy but I just wanna play the game on launch at this point
Sadly yes, I would still like to get the Collector's Edition but I really have just given it up, as long as I can play the game I'm happy. I'm just hoping they release the art book seperately later on, or release a more in depth book like Creating a Champion later on.
Mar 20, 2023
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The last time I purchase a video game, it was "Pokemon Moon". Also, my mother and sister bought me "Pokemon Ultra Sun", "Animal Crossing: New Leaf", "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer", "Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone" and "Pokemon Art Academy" for my birthday about 3 years ago.



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Aug 1, 2012
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Just got Diablo 4 because my sister gave me a gift card for my birthday. Let’s see if I’ll play it though because I own 2 and 2 copies of 3 and never touched those games.

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