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There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
Is it really that hard?
Not as hard as any Soulsborne game, but you will need to be on your toes during combat to avoid getting hit. I went with the Sekiro descriptor because people were saying it matches up more than Dark Souls since parrying is such a big deal. The timing is important, but it's faster than dodging and allows you to take out an enemy easier. Some enemies require several parries, however, just to stagger them; after that you can attack to trigger a finishing animation, health willing.

As far as difficulty goes, most enemy attacks won't drain your HP in two hits outside of some boss battles. If you die then all you need to do is whack the enemy who killed you once and you'll regain all your Exp, which goes towards filling up skill points and not levels. Meditation points replace bondfires, and resting there will respawn enemies, so suffice to say that some of the mechanics were inspired by Souls minus all the BS.

Honestly, the controls might be the worst take away from this game. As it's basically Uncharted with a lightsaber, getting Cal to attach to vines can be extremely janky. Sometimes he'll bump into a wall mid-climb and fall straight into the pit below. I don't know what it is, but most devs have such a hard time getting the climbing aspect to work; nine times out of ten the collision detection is wonky as heck.

Long story short: Fun game, not unbearably difficult, but terribly janky. Wait for a price drop.

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