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Sep 29, 2020
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Apr 16, 2021
Guys I just got back from IHOP, my coworker and I decided to go there together after we were the only closers for style, and she is SO cool, I went to her apartment and she's got tons of animal figures like me, and 2 stuffed tigers, and she knows tons about animals, like how to tell the difference between a leopard and a jaguar (which no one I talk to ever seems to know) and of the animals that I like (because there's so many wild dogs and cats that normies don't even know about) she also showed me these really beautiful faux taxidermy mounts made by an artist she follows, so I showed her some of those realistic life sized plushes people on Etsy make, and she said "it looks like there's a person in there, like i feel i would deadass see that at a furry convention" which led to fursuit discussion, she said she's a real fan of the realistic suits and we looked at some of em together. I dont think she IS a furry but seeing appreciation for the craft is really cool. We sat in that IHOP booth for like 3 hours, I haven't met someone I have this much in common with in like a really long time, cus most furries I meet dont really have an interest in real animals. We also have a lot of childhood animal books in common, and she doesnt play Zelda but she mentioned that she liked Link as a wolf when I brought it up (had to check before going on a totk rant that had spoilers). anyways she's def going to the top of the work bestie list.
I mean sure, but is there a Hylian shield somewhere?
um helloooo in malo mart
the majority of furries just liking animals for what they can harvest for oc design is literally one of the most brain damaged thing ever

but like thats not even a furry problem, like in general, humanity has gotten obsessed with fiction over reality and that's just like one surface level example of it

but vr metaverse **** can sum up the epitome of it... trying to create stuff without being able to reuse existing stuff
hey this sounds like ai art on a higher rung of the metaphorical ladder even

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