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saw a bug today that ive never seen in person before

i felt something crawling on me and found that a lacebug decided it wanted to walk on my arm and that is how i found a lacebug today

got some mediocre pics but sharex is still broken so i'll just put it as an attachment ig

its a good feeling seeing a bug for the first time and knowing exactly what it is


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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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The best part is that Walt is the only recognizable character there
I might could make myself see this as Jessie, but it's a huuge stretch. Looks kinda like that Milo guy from that Disney Atlantis movie.
i think it depends for me

what i really despise is being copied. that kind of extends to my opinions and interests in a lot of cases. i dont really care if someone reached a similar stance on their own no matter how un/popular something is, but when its obvious they're doing it to immitate or try to please/impress me, that legitimately pisses me off

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