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the sleeping bag lets you sleep inside dungeons lol. so in rf1, you have to destroy all the devices that summon monsters in order to open the door to the boss, and leaving the dungeon resets the devices, so the sleeping bag lets you restore hp and stuff

in game lol. rf is not real time. otherwise i'd be waiting quite a bit longer for winter

i was on a roll and decided to record me doing the whole dungeon idk if thats something anyone would be interested in watching but im enjoying the luxury of being able to record me playing rf. ended up being 30 minutes
saw a bug today that ive never seen in person before

i felt something crawling on me and found that a lacebug decided it wanted to walk on my arm and that is how i found a lacebug today

got some mediocre pics but sharex is still broken so i'll just put it as an attachment ig

its a good feeling seeing a bug for the first time and knowing exactly what it is
game quotes that are in this vein



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