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Aug 22, 2012
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Sep 29, 2020
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My situation tonight is pretty meme tho, there's a lock in at a church like an hour away, and all of my family except my mom is at that, my dad and some of the younger kids are coming home later tonight but my oldest two brothers (still all younger than me) are gonna be there all night. My mom is having some of her mom friends over, and I can hear them carrying on rn, and then there's me holed up in the den which is also my bedroom, getting ready to play a new bideo gaem. I considered going to the lock in thing but meh, I need some rest cuz I'm hella busy all week
omg that happened to me too yeaaa

i havent played yet today, i probably should. ive definitely chilled out off the hype of getting the game so my sessions have been much shorter now. no one is surprised probably

but i said i was gonna start getting back to my rf1 playhtrough as soon as those hype sessions died down and that is indeed what im doing

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