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yeah thats fair. but i mean, the way the voices are made is basically the same way youtube poops stitch together syllables to make characters say things.

i dont like most vocaloid cuz the voices just sound bad. miku sounds like a bitcrushed chicken drugged on helium. luka and gumi were a little more tolerable to me cuz they usually sing in a lower register.

ftr, this is my favorite. :goron: the voice quality is masked by the hard trance quality of the song


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Jun 16, 2020


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but yea it's like linda/frax explained
vocaloid are voice bits and you combine them into making sentences at certain singing notes, there's nothing of AI there, it's just a "voice" pack where you can make a lyrical song

it's like having the piano keys sounds and making a song outta it. you could argue that it replaces the human talent of singing, just like rearranging the notes of a piano in a computer replaces the human talent of motor coordination for playing it though

still different talents being worked on and I dont think everyone should be skilled at everything to stand out

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