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Wreckfest super duper fun even tho I had to use keyboard and mouse cuz the Switch controller wouldn't work idk why
the only thing i can maybe suggest is go into big screen mode on steam and see if you can configure controller options for the game but im not sure how to explain big screen mode cuz i dont really understand it myself

but i was able to use it to force webbed to let me use the dpad as a joystick


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Jan 22, 2016
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I don’t know anymore. I’m just upset. I’m tired. Maybe I’m just being stupid and overreactive. Maybe I’m just being stupid and am just wrong. I constantly worry about being wrong
That's how my anxiety feels. Worrying constantly about things that your mind just makes up.

Just take 15 minutes, just focus on where you are here and now.

Realize that conflicts and disagreements happen, and will happen, and you can still get along with someone even if you guys disagree.

And yeah, sometimes people mean well, but the tone comes off wrong.

And don't be upset that something bothered you, man. It shows passion, even if you're mad at criticism, or you felt like you just got beat up, it shows you care and have passion for what you do. This is good for you and healthy.

Just take 15 minutes, center yourself, become rational, and approach with a clear mind.

That's what works for me.

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