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Last person to post wins

i had a dream i was playing splatoon last night... probably telling me i need to get back to it :eyes:

i have like a lil muscle memory for splatoon but usually before i dive into playing online i go into the hub mode for story mode and ink the whole first region to get my aim back and reawaken that sleeping muscle memory


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Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
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its not really a speedrun tbf

its not cutting corners and im just doing a normal playthrough really fast. im not good enough to speedrun anything
That's what I think when I hear speedrun, I think of people playing the game as fast as possible, I have every little respect for speedrunners that cut corners and glitch the game and stuff.


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Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3
i respect glitchless and glitched speedruns
they both require a huge understanding of the game's mechanics and a lot of dedication
neither is more impressive than the other
valuing glitched runs less because "EWWW nO not HOW game WORK uGH no SKILL just GLITCH" is really dumb

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