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Apr 16, 2021
ima do this too bcus i feel like it
1. adina
2. 5"4
3. idk it was like 108 last year but i was really underweight cus i never wanted to eat anything lol
4. 17
5. aug 9
6. kit/caden
7. kim
8. caden.. sort of, i've had somewhat of a crush on him for about 2 years (pushing it down at times, but it came back when i went back to school with him). due to a certain recent event it sorta faded and ima keep it down instead of letting it come back bc a relationship between us just wouldnt work
9. "in love" is a term i don't like unless youve actually been together for a while, but "in like", sure. there was this dude when i was 10 but it wasnt anything real, i just hopped on the bandwagon cus other girls were doing it. then there was caden and my ex but yall know how that went
10. grape leaves stuffed with rice, idk what the real name is
11. "ok" (to my mom)
12. 9% :oops:
13. blue
14. spending too much on pokemon cards
15. Angeleyes by Abba and Boom Boom Boom Boom by the Vengaboys. polar opposites
16. dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. that my family and i make it to heaven
18. 8th grade field trip to the buffalo river
19. america oh yeahhh
20. physics bc i sit next to caden and some other friends
21. w/ that creepy guy ace, under the stairs in between classes... he's always looking for attention and i was bored and curious (regret)
22. that i'm annoying and unaware of things
23. not on purpose... but i chewed my palm right down to the muscle once just for fun in the 7th grade, dont do that
24. my friends and family
25. nikita, my dog, because she was my #1 bestie and one of the few I felt truly understood me deep down. I miss her every day and still tear up on the regular when I think of her.
26. i have some really cool friends and what more does a guy need
27. one of the songs in those mr incredible uncanny videos
28. there is a really weird and dumb irrational fear i have but i dont want to share it
29. furries that are basically just people with ears and tail (where they draw the snout too short and the everything too human) nekos are cool but dont call em furries if you sucked the animal out of em
30. bolt
31. zelda TP book 7
32. people who have higher gsp but arent better than me
33. idk
34. biting my nails fr, i bite down to the nerves and it hurts to touch after that
35. 4
36. smash bros is a sport change my mind
37. being a slippery little weasel when i need to be.
38. that night i thought itd be funny if i got banned fsr
39. biting people
40. link body pillow, need i say more?

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