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#1 Noah Gragson fan
Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
Manufacturer recommended settings
Well, I died in a bastion this time. Probably shoulda coulda woulda just skipped it and kept looking for a fortress tbh, but I've never really been in one before.


Yeah, you're dead.
Nov 15, 2020
your nightmares into your heart <3
man i was literally choking today in the bus
sum kid just ****ed themselves over recently or sumthin cuz some kid smelt like smoke
i felt like i was in a small box and there was just like no fresh air
ive drank like three cups of water blech
Yeah I'm literally never going to ****ing smoke and I'll happily just say **** you to anyone who tries to make me
It's literally like getting addicted to paying someone to stab you in your head

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