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Kyurem Theory



So if Reshiram and Zekrom where once one dragon, what if Kyurem is the remains of the dragon. I have a crazy/idea theory! If Reshiram + Kyurem = White Kyurem and Zekrom + Kyurem = Black Kyurem. What if Zekrom + Kyurem + Reshiram / Black Kyurem + White Kyurem = original dragon?
Crazy idea but it think it would be cool.
What is everyone else's craxy theories on Black and White Kyurem? Are they fusions or has Kyurem just changed form? Nothing I enjoy better than speculation!
Apr 8, 2012
What if Kyurem Is the original Dragon? I mean think about the place in Platinum.(I forgot what it was called.) It was all Twisted and Messed up, What if when they broke apart,They made a portal through time and space. Which the old kyurem could go through said portal to the time the portal was made, and just wait there. I'm sorry if you think I'm getting angry or yelling or anything else.

:love: TheVampireSlaye


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Isn't that what it is? Zekrom and Reshiram were once one single dragon. Kyurem is the remains of the dragon. Black Kyurem plus White Kyurem would then equal the complete dragon in its true form. Hope this helps you out! :)

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