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Koume's Potion

Did you ever (by mistake) drink Koumes potion?

  • No, of course not, do you think I´m a fool!

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  • Yes, it could happen to the best of us.

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Shadow Wolfo

Darkest Wolfo There Is!
Jul 14, 2009
Yeah I did, it was a complete accident xD
I think I just pushed a wrong button and drank it for some reason
I don't remember exactly how it happened, but I remembered doing it. It was a while ago.
Just go talk to her she'll give you another free one which is awesome.:lol:

Basicly you get unlimited!

Deku Scrub

I was lucky I didn't. I came off of playing WW, so I sometimes pressed the C buttons in their face. At this time I was being precautionary, so I just didn't set it until I got there.

...and it worked. :P

Waker of winds

Finally playing PH!
Jun 9, 2009
Mexico, si señor.
I don't do it, but my bro does it too much times.
I myself have never done it, not even by accident. I remember that once when I was in that part of the game, and I went to the bathroom, my bro did it without me noticing. I was about to give the old hag the potion! Grr!


Yes. I didn't wait for the prompt accidentally. :embarrassed:


Jul 13, 2008
Yeah, that happens to me ALL the time, and it can get quite annoying after awhile. I got so mad the first time it was happening I shut the game off, I came back later to try again and I got it the first try. I really don't know why it wasn't working the first time I was giving the potion to her, I was using the C stick.. Or at least I think I was now >.< once you find out what your doing so wrong that you can't hand a simple potion over you feel pretty dumb though :xd:
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
Yes, more than once actually. One time I went and got it, brought it back, accidentally drank it, went and got another, brought it back, accidentally drank that one too. I was pretty wild about the whole situation. When you get used to OoT controls and how to present items to people, what are you supposed to do?


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I only did it once! I was too used to OoT and how you had to present items to people before you speak with them. So, instead of giving Koume her potion, I drank it in front of her face, so I had to shell out a couple of rupees to buy another one. It was that part that taught me how the trading sequence worked. The Business Scrub at Clock Town also confused me quite a bit, since I didn't have to show before speaking. But, that was how I did things.


Mmmmmmmmmh... BOMBS
Jun 14, 2009
France -Normandy-
Yeah I remember that xD

Kotake: Help me.... uuuh...
Me: Not a problem!
*Drinks Koume's potion in front of her*
Oh woops.

In OoT, you just had to use items with the C stick next to the person (like with Zelda's letter)... confusing.

I know this thread is about MM, but I had the same problem in TP, when you have to drop a barrel full of hot water on a Goron: I put it next to the Goron in question and I then broke it. The Goron got splashed, but nothing happened. I obviously had to THROW the barrel... Grrrr >.<
I restarted that damned 'mission' 15 times before I finally managed to accomplish it... Frustrating.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Well, I don't ever recall drinking Koume's Potion. Although I may have done it and can't remember it. :S MM was the first 3-D Zelda game I played and I was used to a box showing up telling you to give them the item with C, so that may have been the reason why I didn't do that. I had never played OoT before and wasn't expecting that game's way of giving items to others.

So imagine my reaction to when I played OoT for the first time and I had to give an item to someone. :D

I also make a habit of keeping bottle items off the selected items so I never accidentally use them. I only select them when I'm about to use them.

Same here, dude. I have to do the same thing with the bombs on the old Zelda games. I'll be killing myself if I didn't take that off my selected items. :lol:


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
No, I didn't have any trouble giving it to her. I figured it was like giving the moon's tear to the deku scrub merchant in clock town, and I remember seeing the 'press start and select a c-item' window the first time you talk to her. Now i'm in the habbit of always talking to people in zelda games before I give something to them. :rolleyes:

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