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Kingdom Hearts III Discussion Thread

Link Floyd

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Sep 22, 2014
For ZDers who are fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, this thread will focus on the upcoming game next year. Trailer discussions, theorizing, and hopes/wishes can be discussed here.

To start, what did you guys think of the trailers shown at E3?

Link Floyd

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Sep 22, 2014


I am wondering how the story is going to mix with the story in the Phone App that takes place before Birth By Sleep.
In the Sony E3 trailer one of the organization 13 members mentions the box that the Master of Masters had from the mobile game and Aqua will most likely have a villainous role in this game since she's been "Norted" lol. Idk about Ventus and Terra. One thing's for sure we're going to see Roxas again
Oct 13, 2013
I understood nothing about that video. Dear god i've missed alot
That matters not. There will by a 1-3 box set released of the games. This was announced at E3. What form this will take, there is no information yet. I beleive it's up for pre-order on the PS online shop but a physicle bundle of this? There's been no word yet.
Oct 13, 2013
Digital Foundry analysis of the game.


Screen resolution

All 4 consoles used fixed resolution. No use of dynamic resolution scaling.

PS4 Pro
- 2304 x 1296. 60% on each exis scaled down from 4K.
PS4 (Slim and base) - 1600 x 900
XB1X - 2560 x 1440
XB1 (Slim and Base) - 1280 x 720

Game performance talk

Two options default and stable. Default is an uncapped framerate. Stable is a locked 30 frames per second. However across all 4 consoles that stable option does not have even frame pacing. The average is still 30 but each individual frame varies quite a lot on it's time in milliseconds.
Digital Foundry went as far to say the 30 frames cap stable option is broken due to the terrible frame pacing issue.
The recommended setting is to just leave it on the detault uncapped option and take whatever frame rates you get.

Game performance numbers

Assuming using the uncapped frame rate option
All vary wildly from 30 to 60 frames a second. However because of the different resolutions each console uses, all four have a rough average frame rate of 40 to 50 frames per second.
The PS4 Pro and XB1X increased power over their base consoles is not used well at all.
However if you run this on a PS4 Pro and you go into the options and set the console into 1080p output mode and turn off super sampling you force KH3 to run in 1080p. This lowers the resolution a touch but it shoots the performance up to around the 55 to 60 frames a second mark. Not perfect but much better than the 40 to 50 you're getting at 1296p.
All cut scenes on all consoles are a locked 30 frames a second regardless of your in game settings with a amall amount of frame pacing issues. But there is motion blur there not present in the rest on the game.
The game needs to add in a true 1080p option for PS4 Pro and XB1X owners. Mostly to make this easier to access for PS4 Pro owners and to allow a way for the XB1X owners to have 1080p in game without it being supersampled.

Other points

- Anti aliasing on all 4 consoles is not great. Not bad, just nothing spectacular.
- Aesthetic design done very well.
- Gameplay feels slightly like a relic of the past. Really shows it's 10+ year development cycle.
- Graphical tech wise it's a real mixed bag. Some things like the grass, basic reflections look great but other things like enemy textures and other things don't look that good.
- More contunous parts and less broken up chunks like previous titles in the series.
- The first level showcases well what the engine can do.
- KH3 started on the Luminous engine (also used for FF15). That didn't work out so it moved to Unreal 4.
- Animations of the characters in many parts, a step back from FF 15.
- Object motion blur only used in cutscenes, not used in general gameplay
- Field of view is quite long and very well done.
- Cutscenes done very well, especially the textures and various materials shown, be them cloth or stone or whatever.
Many of these issues can be fixed in patches.


My opinion on this?
Square Enix should have done 2 things.
1. Fix the frame pacing issues.
2. Have two game options. Higher graphics and higher performance.
The graphics options would be as is. The performance mode would be a locked 60 fps with a dynamic resolution to make it happen.
Give the player the option to choose which way they want to play the game.
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