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Spoiler Kikwi Are the Koriki?



i personally think that the kikwi most likely just die out. There are only six of them and i have no idea what gender. I agree that the korkiri could become the koroks though and I deffinately agree that the great tree becomes the deku tree. A wrote a theory about this yesterday.
Nov 29, 2011
New Jersey
I can make this easier, in SS the water dragon floods the forest to kill the monsters, in WW the goddess flood hyrule to kill monsters, before you enter the wind temple you must first learn the Wind God's Aria, and the guy announces that he himself is a Kokiri, and says something on the lines of finding my bloodline that has the violin. so there definitly is a connection between the two.
May 17, 2012
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this is probable

the Kikwi could also become the Deku Scrubs due to their close physical resemblance (e.g. plant/animal-ness, one-section bodies, and having sprouts coming out of their bodies)

Or perhaps both? the deku scrubs live isolated in small caves, so they could've not been part of the evolutionary action outside.

On the other hand, the deku scrubs carry a seemingly infinite stock of supplies that they sell to Link, which suggests that they venture outside of their grottoes often to restock...


The Rational Theist
Apr 4, 2012
I think the Kikwi become the Kokiri and Bucha is the Great Deku Tree. All of this is speculation, but here is my idea.

After the Hylians move back down to Hyrule, Bucha, who had taken the same form as the Kikwi in the early ages of Hyrule, "plants himself" as a Deku seed. Then their corner of the Faron Woods becomes isolated as the Lost Woods. The rest of the Kikwi live the same way for an age until the events leading up to Ocarina of Time. Link's mother brings him to the Lost Woods, and the Deku Tree (Bucha) agrees to raise him. He causes the Kikwi to change into the form of Human children so that Link will grow up in a familiar environment. While Link is a baby, the Kokiri build their homes and develop their culture, so that by the time Link is older, he has a community in which to live. A hundred years later, with the coming of the Great Flood, the new Deku Tree causes the Kokiri to transform again into the Koroks so that they can fly around and replant the forest.

Throughout everything, they remain sentient plant-spirits, but in Ocarina of Time they take on the form of Human children for Link's sake.

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