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Just Getting into the Series

Jan 27, 2011
well ok it's more like i'm getting back into the series, i was a fan years ago, well sort of the Pokemon Stadium games were really the most i've played and i watched the anime up until whatever season it was when they first got rid of Brock, i've seen a few of the movies the last one i saw was Pokemon Heroes, but that was the extent for me at the time, but now i want to get back into the series, but i want to do what i didn't do before and that's to actually play the handheld games, now a friend of mine at school recomended me to play some of the Gameboy color games to start off, but when i was researching the games for myself Mystery Dungeon caught my attention because i have a soft spot for actually playing as the Pokemon, so i got Mystery Dungeon Red, if it's a bad place to start that's fine i'll still look into the Gameboy Color games, but i'd just like to know if there's any tips i should know of, any items i should stock up on, anything that will help me stay alive essentially lol, but yea, any suggestions? here's where i'm at right now if it helps, i'm where Jumpluff first comes in front of your house and talks about (excuse me if i mess up on the gender) his friend being taken away to whatever the name of the area is

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The mystery dungeon series is a spin-off game, so it's not really Pokemon per say, if you are talking about the turn based games. If you would start the turn based games i would start with one on the GBA like Emerald or Leaf Green. If you do want to start with the game boy color games i would start with Heart Gold or Soul Silver (assuming you have a DS) because those are the remakes of Gold and Silver that were on the GBC.

If you have any questions about any Pokemon game (including spin-offs) please ask me
Jan 27, 2011
alright i'll look them up, but for the meantime i want to finish Mystery Dungeon since i've already started ya know?
Sep 5, 2011
Some things you might want to remember for Mystery Dungeon, Always have a berry of some kind and you should never go without a Revive Seed. Also, once you get to the point where you can add people to your party, (Oops, spoiler) you may want to keep your party with one extra space.
I would buy/keep it if found in a dungeon, reviver seeds because sometime when you run out of berries or you fighting a boss and you lose track of your health, you have at least one back up. I would keep apples with you if your going in a longer dungeon. If your going in a dungeon that has higher level pokemon so you can die easily, or you havnt been to a dungeon yet and you dont know about the levels id bring an escape rope, although I rarely do :P.
SPOILER SENTENCE -> And there is a thing called a monster house where when you get there a bunch of enemies appear in the room, so I would learn a move that attacks multiple Pokèmon a a time or have an orb to get you out (but dont leave your partner in there)
if you didn't read the spoiler sentence Ill just tell you what to do and youll find out why: Learn a move that attacks multiple enemies in a room, or bring an orb to move you from a room in the dungeon.

And I know how you feel about wanting to finish the game before buying a new one, but when your done and ready to buy another, I recommend firered/leafgreen, or emerald/saphire/ruby although theres a sort of twist in E/S/R. If your going for a DS game I'd go with Heartgold/Soulsilver.

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