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The tree hugger of Hyrule
Name (First and Last) : Pandora Trefore
Appearence (includes hair, eye color, clothes, ect) : Wears a navy tunic and brown boots. She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She's also petite, but is slightly muscular.
Backstory: She comes from a religious family with the goddesses and her older sister was the high priestess of their established church. When she was about 10 year old, the church burned down while her sister was praying or whatever and she died. She is now the high priestess of the newly rebuilt church.
Personality: Fun, caring, wise, deeply religious, nice, courageous
Weaponry (if any): Uses magic most of the time (as in light magic, but if you don't put in magic, then she uses a sword and bows and arrows)
Age: ...16... or something...
Patron or Sage of the ____: Sage of Light, since it mostly makes sense

Feel free to change around anything!;)


Keyblade Master
Name: Mist Lowell
Appearance: Light brown hair, blue eyes; wears a blue shirt and a knee-length black skirt, brown boots; sorta on the short side for her age
Personality: kind, hates to see anyone hurt; refuses to give up, no matter what happens
Age: 13, almost 14
Weaponry: fights with dual knives
Backstory: she lived a quiet life at home until her parents died and she left home because there was noone to take care of her
Parton or Sage: Sage of Healing- she's already awakened, but she doesn't know it
Name: Sela Alaan
Appearance: short and thin, shoulder length brown hair, tawny colored eyes (you know, kind of like an owl's)
Age: 14
Weaponry: a hunting knife, bow and arrow (if magic can be used, than psychic, I suppose)
Backstory: she lived a pretty normal life until a fire devastated the village she lived in. She abandoned the smoldered wreckage, and had since been living in the wild, where she had discovered and sharpened her psychic abilities.
Personality: intelligent, feisty, easily a survivalist
Patron or Sage: Sage of Magic, I guess.

Feel free to make any necessary tweaks.


May 21, 2011
everybody is approved. It's nice to have some more people join. All i really need are Patrons now! Spread the word!


May 21, 2011
like, who's supposed to be the sage's "slave". well, i don't wanna say SLAVE but, it kinda is. with benefits. the main character will be like Link, and i guess he or she will help the patrons awaken the sages. (whoever they are! GASP!)


Suzune Supporter
Apr 17, 2011
"Melodies of Seranading Magic" Yes, that's what they should be called, the awakening songs that is, and I think it's spelled (Patron) I can't wait for the two(or more) Heros to start their quest to awaken the Sages, oh, and I think I might change mirroms gender to female, with a long braid in the back. . ., I'll be drawing most of the characters on here (if thats ok,) here's link to it, http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?19840-Amaterasu-s-Fan-Fic-Art-Thread(By-Luigidude64) I'll post some soon, so stay tuned,(note: I'm not gonna color them, so use your imagination)
Feb 22, 2011
My House
Name: Saria
Gender: Female
Appearance: Green Hair, green hat, green tunic.
Weapon: Slingshot
Backstory: lived normally in Kokiri Forest
Sage: Sage of Forest

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