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Just a Roleplay (SU)


Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
Gotta go fast

Mar 16, 2016
Is there still room for me? If there is:

Name: Eric Gardener
Appearance: Lanky and of average height, with a shaggy, unkempt, tangled mop of brown hair. He has pointy ears (not like elf-pointy, just ones that stick out), a small nose, hazel eyes, and pale skin. He is 19.

Eric doesn't have much of a backstory. He's just an average guy. He probably could have gone to Uni, but didn't try hard enough in school so now he lives in a tiny apartment and earns his keep by working in a cafe. His only companion is his elderly pet hamster, Mr. Bigglesworth, who he keeps hidden in his apartment even though he's not allowed to have pets.

He has no idea about magic or demons or any of that stuff. Though that might not be true for long...

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