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Just a Little Easter Egg :)




When you go to the Sealed Grounds for the first time and look through the crack in the door behind Impa, you can see Zelda sealed in the crystal :D


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
yes you can, wondered through most of the game what that thing was in that room and when ut turned out to be Zelda, i actually went '*gasp* NOOOOOOOO'
Jun 25, 2011
It's not really an easter egg, it's part of the story. It happened in the past, so naturally it'd be there in the present. ;)

I didn't understand this, though. If it already happened in the past, why isn't the Life Tree there, too. I understand the Life Tree part, where it hasn't happened in the past, so it's not there in the present. But Zelda there doesn't make any sense. It hasn't happened in the past yet, so why is it there in the present? And if it had happened in the past, Demise wouldn't exist because Link defeats him in the past. :S

Links Brother

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Jul 12, 2011
Well when I began I used dowsing and saw it was pointing to old grannie (wont say her real name). At first I was surprised but when I went behind her I saw it was still pointing forward so I knew Zelda was in there. It was sort of annoying since I got less of surprise when I learned that she was there sleeping. Kind of annoying really.

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