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June Artwork Update


Lord of the Flies
Site Staff
Oct 14, 2007
West Dundee, IL
A new feature has been added this month to North Castle, Zelda Arts and Crafts. We have three great featured pieces of work below. We also have five pieces of artwork from five artists who recently submitted new material. Remember, if you have your own fan artwork or your own arts and crafts that you would like to display, please send it in to our friends at North Castle.

~ Zelda Arts and Crafts ~
Korok Plushies by Atalaia Leafsong
Ordon Goat Sculpture by Shadsie
Link Button by Cross-Stitch Ninja

~ Zelda Fan Artwork ~
Epona by eponagirl
Stranded by Petman1325
Chibi Malon by Rebeca Orantes
Lizalfos by Smitie
Princess Zelda - NES by Viasacra

All are great pieces of work. Our very own forum staffers Petman1325 and Smitie produced their first pieces of work for North Castle. The Ordon Goat Sculpture is my favorite of the arts and crafts as it looks like quite the project. The Korok Plushies look like a lot of fun as well. Of the artwork, my favorite is certainly the 'Princess Zelda - NES'. I just love the nostalgic look of the her in the artwork.

Which is your favorite of the pieces listed above? Head on over to the Zelda Dungeon Forums to voice your opinions.


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Well, there has been some really good artwork this month. I really like Epona and Princess Zelda - NES. They both show quality craftsmanship/craftswomanship. The Arts and Crafts look like they've been worked on quite hard. And I do feel quite flattered that my artwork was mentioned in here. Here's to more awesome artwork next month!


I loved the Korok plushies! So kool I oughta try making a plushie of some sort someday.

As for the artwork, the Lizalfos and Epona were my favorites. Really liked the Lizalfos.

El Bagu

Wannabe Mr. 1-8-1
Jul 5, 2008
In Woods. N of River!
What I found really amusing this month was the crafts, especially the Link Button, I love it! Talking about "artwork" I really enjoyed stranded, excellent colors and an interesting piece of art it is in many ways, good job Petman :) (I liked everything this month)


Yeah, the Link button was good. Must've taken awhile to make. Nice job Cross-Stitch Ninja!


Sage of Tales
Huggable Koroks make me smile.

I'm glad Lady Juliet put in the arts n' crafts section - gives me freedom to do more weird junk.

My Ordon Goat, for anyone wondering:

Ordon Goat = Super Sculpey over an armature of bailing wire and aluminum foil. Glass beads for eyes, acrylic paint - and the tail is attached by heavy thread, so it can be flicked/is moveable. If I proceed to make a herd, (or just another on commission), I believe I can improve the tail. First runs are always kept by me as prototypes, but I'm open to commissions. Just email me to work out pricing, shipping and a timeframe.

I'm good with animals, not so good with sculpting humans/humanoids, I'm sorry to say.

I'm thinking of sculpting an Outset Pig and a Cuckoo - and creating the "Coalition of Seemingly Harmless Animals. "


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
Haha, I can't believe my 4 year old paint-lizalfos would ever make it on the main ZD site :P. Thanks mases (although petman thinks you posted it as a Smitie joke)

Anyways, I really like the arts & crafts section. All the crafts you posted here look awesome. My favourite art for this month is Epona. It reminds me of my sisters barbie horse :xd:.

Dark Princess

Weeaboo :D
Jun 11, 2009
Horrid, Ohio
Korok Plushies: Those are so cute. :P
Ordon Goat Sculpture: That's a really good sculpture.
Link button: That's just amazing. I loved that.
Epona: That's a fabulous painting.
Stranded: That's really good. Poor Link. :P
Chibi Malon: I love looking at chibi pictures. :P
Lizalfos: That's really good, especially with paint.
Princess Zelda - NES: That's a really good drawing.

Good job, guys. Keep up the good work. ^^
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I like all the artwork for this month except stranded and lizalfos.
Jun 16, 2008
New York, US
Nice update NC has this month.

All of the artwork mentioned here is pretty good. Although, I'm not one for chibi art, so Chibi Malon doesn't appeal to me. But I'd say the best by far is Epona. It has an insane amount of detail and is just fabulous. Cap, Smitskia, your contributions are good too :P

As for the Arts and Crafts, the Ordon Goat Sculpture is probably the best. Except, although this is nitpicking, the photos are bleached a bit. Korok Plushies is a close second though. They just look so.... cool :D


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Great job to all involved (who post here at least and can read this!) :P

I like a few of them this time, and I don't think I can choose a favourite. It's neat to see more than just 2-D artwork being done. I have no talent for sculptures and the like myself. I was hoping to get more art done for this month's round, but I just didn't have the time. Maybe next month!

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