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Jimmy Ate My World

Nov 4, 2008
Jimmy eat world had become my favorite band over night 2 months ago.. Its good stuff.. I would recomend them to everyone.


Happy Valentines Day!
Love the thread title. XD

I have Futures (first one I got) & Clarity, and I have to say that futures is pretty much hands down my favorite CD. I don't much listen to CD's right now, but when news is lame or I just want to listen to some good driving tunes I like to make sure futures is only a click away~

Two favorite songs are Polaris and 23, but I love pretty much all of them. c: Great band.
Nov 4, 2008
Fututres was the first one I listend to as well, however I got Bleed american/Jimmy eat world and it is far better than that. I have yet to listen to clarity. and chase this light is pretty good asvell.


Air Dancer
Jan 6, 2009
I remember hearing some of there songs. They were ok I guess they just are not my thing. Who knows though... if I listened to one of there CDs I might really like them.


Gamer since age 2
Jan 18, 2009
in my house
I"m not much of a fan of "Jimmy Eat World" but I've heard one song when I was playing Guitar Hero, and it seems that, the song was pretty good. Once again, I do like them but I'm not one of those people who would run all over Hyrule just to listen to one of their songs.


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
I like a couple of their songs, but I have never had much opportunity to listen to more than that, so I can't really give a good opinion on them.


The future pro yoyoer
Sep 21, 2008
The middle is thier best song. I like it, but that is their only good song. I bought it on my ipod, but I don't completely like it. It is wayyyy to short for a good song.

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