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January 8th: What Are You Hoping For?

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Jun 14, 2011
I guess you all have heard the big news? That's right, something big is set to be announced concerning Pokémon on the 8th of January worldwide. As the title says, what are you hoping the Pokémon Company will announce? If it's something big, I assume it's a new mainstream game like Gen III remakes or a new Gen, but the Pokémon company could surprise us with the return of a certain series of Pokémon games like for example a new entry to the Shadow Pokémon series.

So excited to hear about this big announcement! Let's hear what you wish for!
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I'd be happy with either:
- Remake of Gen 3
- New Gen
- Mature Pokemon Anime announcement. I'd really like to see this, something aimed at an older audience than the TV show.
Apr 8, 2012
What if it's something completely different than what everyone would think...like, Nintendo saying their not making any more pokemon games. They never said it was a good announcement... I don't really think they'll say that, but it's a small possibility.

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May 24, 2009
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Looks like we got a Nintendo Direct! Please go here:

!Quick Attacks!

News will be covered by yours truly and some other cohorts. LOOK FORWARD TO IT

Oh, and To avoid being off topic: I want one thing. And I got it, a Nintendo Direct, a perfect way to wrap up all possibilities and this thing can either prove it or disprove it. Let's hope!
Most likely is a new game, lets hope its a reconsideration on gamefreak's part not to put mainline pokemon games on a home console. Otherwise, i hope its pokemon snap WiiU with all 600+ pokemon in there :P
Jun 14, 2011
Well guys, The New Pokémon game(s) have been announced, so this Thread is pretty redundant now.
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