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Is Zelda Getting Old?

Feb 25, 2011
Seriously man, there's a spell-check on you're CP right? Learn to use it.
1. Where did you hear that? Gamespot?
2. Yeah, that's cuz most gamers these days are Xbox fans. So of course Skyrim is gonna get more people excited. I'm sure a lot of them haven't even heard of Skyward Sword.
3. OK, you need to re-write this part before I can even understand what you're trying to say. And Evan is a name, I believe you meant 'even'. Unless if you're saying that Evan is 25 years old and is still based around the same story alements and old disagin philisopis.

Believe me, I also worry about this sometimes, but you're reasons are either not very good or false. Also, it's not so much a matter of it aging, it's a matter of that it's becoming less popular with today's first-person-shooters hype.
dude, I LIVE IN ASIA so stop using me spelling problems as an argument.
and stop saying the "all of today's gamers are xbox fan that only play COD" that is an excise. Zelda doesn't attract as much media attention as Skyrim or Arkham City because the current disagin (that was on purpose) of the game's story is dated!

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Jul 12, 2011
Are you saying 25 is old?! Shows and games have gone much longer than even that and their still a big craze!! And after 25 years Nintendo just released another great Zelda games. If Nintendo keeps up with what they have been doing zelda will never grow old.


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Mar 9, 2010
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Seriously man, there's a spell-check on you're CP right? Learn to use it. [...]

Ouch :D

[...] Today action advature games needs an igrusing original story, fast pacing and a lot of optional content. I'm not talking abut hero mod.
Okay, for the story: while it still has some core elements, SS's is really different, have you played it? I mean sure, you could theoretically have a Zelda game without Link, Ganon and Zelda in it and be playing as maybe Tingle, but then it wouldn't be a Zelda game anymore. (In fact, such a game as I described actually exists for the DS and it's not even bad)
Fast Pacing? Play Skyward Sword. Arguably has the fastest pacing of all 3D Zeldas yet. There is no need for walking/sailing/riding along for a long time to reach the next goal anymore. It may be not as action-packed as aLttP but it comes very close, considering that this is harder to do in 3D.
Lots of optional content? Play Skyward Sword. There are many creative optional sidequests, minigames and upgrades. If you want to skip them for an extra challenge then feel free to do so. Even heart pieces/containers and rupees are completely optional in this game.


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Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
what are you talking about? zelda is still really cool and do you know how many people have bought SS already? i guess maybe it's just you're not as big of a fan as some people. I resspect your opinion, although i don't agree with it
Nov 18, 2011
When i first asked myself these questions, my inside fanboy screamed:"hell no!!" but then i started to think not as a Zelda fan, but as a gamer in general, and sadly, it seemed that there since Wind Waker, the franchise is in a slow down hill. That's not to say the games aren't great, they are, but they are less important to the industry, and the series is not the golden standard it used to be.
So I beg you, don't ask yourself this question as a Zelda fan, ask it as a gamer in general.
What do you think?

You know what I think? I think that the Legend of Zelda is more than just being a gamer. The Legend of Zelda to me is another world I want to escape to when I don't really want to be in this world. When I play, I'm not in this world. I'm in THAT world. The Legend of Zelda is not about being a gamer, it's about adventure.
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