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Is the Whale from the E3 Trailer Really the Servant of the Goddesses or is It Evil?

Is the Whale a servant of the Goddesses or is it evil

  • The wale is the servant of the Goddesses Ghirahim mentions

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  • The whale is evil and probably serves Ghirahim

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Jun 25, 2011
well after the new SS footage I think more ppl will agree with me. New evidence:

-There appear to be TWO whale-esque creatures. One of them looks more like jabu-jabu or the wind fish (I'll refer to this one as the "new" whale), while the other is the subject of this thread ("old" whale). However, these two might be the same creature (maybe it is corrupted by dark magic?). The reason I'm thinking it is possible for them to be the same being is that, from what we've been shown, it looks like they can both fly. Still, we just can't know yet.

-The old whale either has legs or the ability to sprout legs.

-The old whale appears to be sinister. The footage that it is in makes it seem like Link has to achieve a certain objective before the old whale reaches a door or a checkpoint of some sort.


Aug 29, 2010
I watched the 3DS conference video, and when it showed the "whale" (I call it "Godzilla") , it seemed to be like a boss of some sort, but there is a meter at the left side showing the progress of Godzilla to some temple like place, and it's starting place looks like a black evil void. I'm starting to think that Godzilla isn't the servant of the goddess, and more of Ghirahim's monster.

I wonder how we stop that behemoth. I don't see any eyes! Perhaps stab'n it will suffice.

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