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Breath of the Wild Is Skyrim a good role model for Zelda U?


Emancipated Wind Fish
May 11, 2014
United States
IMO, No.

But of course, I personally do not like Skyrim (even though I can objectively say it's a good game for the majority of gamers). The attention to detail, immersion, emphasis on player freedom and ambition are all things that are praiseworthy, and as principles should be emulated in all video games.

But I don't necessarily think Zelda needs an intricate magic/upgrading system, hundreds of different items, 100+ hours of content or a super vast world. I'm all for breaking tradition and changing the conventional formula for Zelda, but not via blindly copying trends of other best-selling games.

What I like about Zelda is that it is an adventure, with a degree of script. It's ruled by story and atmosphere - and not numbers. It does have it's complexities but it keeps lots of other things simple. It gives you lots of freedom but not too much freedom.


Apr 3, 2014
I think some of what could be gained from Skyrim (from the videos I've seen of it) is simply the extra levels of stuff that you can do before you meet a dungeon boss, it's making sure you have everything you need for it or risk it being too overpowered for you, rather then just finding some one-dungeon item that you'll barely use again after you defeat the one boss who happens to be weak to it. Plus the ability to upgrade an item, Zelda does this in some of the games, but Skyrim takes it some steps further. I haven't played Skyrim but I can't help but be impressed by it, at least in how it can be so expansive and filled with stuff you can make your character do (or be.) Zelda as it is now is highly formulaic and straightforward, pretty much simplified and kept easy for kids, and Skyrim (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective) sounds like something some people would like Zelda to be, if only it could let itself do something. I think I've seen a Skyrim mod or two of Hyrule that someone made, and almost always people in the comments say something that they wish Zelda could be like that ( as such there seems to be lots of people that would want to play Zelda) but it's too stuck in not aging with it's fanbase.


Jun 11, 2015
Is it a good role model? No. I don't want and Elder Scrolls: Legend of Zelda. Not what I want in a Zelda game. I agree with this vast of a land of mimicking some of the ideas from Skyrim to fill the land with exploration rather than just some large piece of land you have to traverse taking up time/wasting time. But with this being the first of it's kind in a Zelda game, it's important to see what worked in similar games and see how to modify/expand/improve/etc. on what has been done. Plus copyright laws kinda make things worse in this scenario.


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Dec 17, 2011
Eh, TES is basically Zelda, just more detailed. I know a lot of people disagree, but that's how I feel. Zelda tends to cling to its past and doesn't move at the pace of the industry, so I feel like people just got bored of waiting for Zelda to evolve and did it themselves....

When I play TES, I get the classic style of Zelda feeling. The adventuring, the feeling that my character is ME, etc. etc. So yeah, I think Skyrim is a very good role model for ZWU. It has everything Zelda fans cry for (teh GRAFIX, open/dense world, difficulty options, side quests, etc), just not the Zelda title.
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Kylo Ken

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Aug 10, 2011
No, Skyrim was actually buggy as hell at launch, and the combat system was boring, and the dialogue was so bad it became a meme. I liked the adventure, but I'm pretty sure LoZ got that handled. They don't need to take any thing from Skyrim at all.


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
I'm torn on this. While I feel that Morrowind through Skyrim are kind of like a first person attempt at what it would be like if Zelda had it progressed and aged with its core audience. I have been playing Zelda for a long time, and the developers seem to be the cause of their own demise and diminishing quality. Actually diminishing is an unfair word. It reached a high with the release of OoT/MM, and has stayed there rather than get better. They are too stuck in their ways (as is all of Nintendo), and very quick to hop on the nostalgia train.

Back on track I think Skyrim is good inspiration, but not a good model for Zelda, Does that make sence? Zelda has many things that make it great. Turn a completely open world like with Skyrim, packed full of random dungeons, with upgrade, or other swords (I really want more weapons in Zelda). But it needs more direction and scripted content to keep the story driven flow of Zelda. TES is just a little too open. I never felt like there was a reason I was doing anything. I was just wandering around and collecting loot and leveling up occasionally running across a main quest trigger point. I don't want Zelda to be quite like that, but I would love for there to be tons of extra content if you choose to go explore. I'm all about loosing myself in the world for hours, but I want to choose to do so. Unlike Skyrim where aimlessly wandering seemed to be all I could do.

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