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Is My Voice Annoying?


Fallen Knight
Sep 1, 2008
Your voice is good. It's fairly deep, but that's what makes it easy to listen to. Be glad that you don't sound like a 12 year old like 70 percent of the people on Youtube do. :p Ignore comments on youtube about accents, because apparently we're all from America and aren't allowed to speak with an accent. Even though American-English is an accent on its own. ;P But yeah, good job!


Sep 1, 2011
Maybe Hyrule...
Your voice isn't annoying. But when you say that your voice is annoying, let me say, I agree because I think my voice sounds annoying also. well, that's just me.


Flirtatously Flirty
Aug 13, 2011
WOW!! You're a MAN???!!!! . . . Um, wow, just wow, um okay. Cool! Um, it's not horrible, I mean, its pretty normal. I like it, so don't be so self-concious. just be happy that your hair doest spike out and curl in places that you didn't know it could. . .

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