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Twilight Princess Is Magic Armor Really That Maigical?


All Hail Yhtomit!
Mar 6, 2011
The Lost Woods
OK so you go to the Fancy store after you get your shoes polished and you see everything is over priced, everything is over 10,000 Rupees! well you go to Mallo Mart, donate some money and they make a bridge and take over the store making everything under priced. everything go's down many zeros except the armor, which changes numbers as well. after buying it you where it and you find out Quickly that your Money is disappearing! You take of the Armour and it stops. So, only your Rupees Make It Magical, it eats your rupees and in turn give you protection.

So my questions for you today are these, Where do those Rupees go? What could they be used for With their new Owner ? what is the secret to the success of the Armour? Where did the Armour Come from? How did it come into possession o that snotty salesman?

Make a discussion below.
Thank you!
Oct 12, 2010
I always thought the rupees went back to Malo Mart. That just seemed to be the easiest explanation. And if they go back to Malo Mart, they could be used for a variety of things, from buying more goods, maintenence, etc, etc.

Secret to the success? Elaborate, please.

Where did the armor come from? Now thats a tough question. I always thought that it was crafted in some land other than Hyrule. Perhaps by a seperate royal family...? My point is, I don't think its a very common item. I always thought that it was the only one in existence. Thus, its origins could be (or are) shrouded in mystery, kind of like the Master Sword (although that situation will soon be remedied ;))

As far as Chudley goes, I believe either one of two things:
1. He stole it from another rich person (or royal family)
2. He acquired it an auction of some kind.

These are all just things I've assumed about it, but I haven't really given it deep thought.


Hyrulian Knight
Mar 7, 2011
my guess is that it runs off the material in the rupees and therefore the rupees get used much like any machine needs gas to run or work. this would mean that the rupees would not go to any one. I think that where it came from could be by some master craftsman..perhaps someone that worked for the royal family or maybe it was made by a craftsman in a distant land from Hyrule. I think the salesman got it from stealing it or maybe he bought it off another merchant or salesman for less.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
I wouldn't say so. I mean, it uses rupees while nothing's happening AND when you get hit. That thing bankrupts you pretty much instantly. But, then again, if it only took off rupees when you got hit, we'd wear it everywhere. It's a special kind of item (well, not really an item, but you know what I mean) and it's designed to make sure you use it sparingly. Still annoying, though. BUT, that's why the Cave of Ordeals dishes out money like it does.


Well, I guess the rupees simply vanish, or randomly wind up in someones wallet...
Also, I believe the Sheikah might have made the armor, but thats somewhat unlikely.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
I think the armor was created long ago for the Royal Family. I say this because, first off, look at the material it is made of. It is much thicker and heavier than other armor. It also looks like special red fabric was used, along with gold. This would display wealth, which the Royal Family had. Second, it eats money. Not only when you get hit, but when you stand still or run around. Someone has to be very wealthy to wear this armor, or they would be bankrupt faster than they could take off the armor. It was placed in the fancy store, so it must have value and history to it, or it wouldn't have been displayed. I think that salesman got it through very sneaky means and trickery. He isn't trustworthy, so this is a possible answer. Next is where the rupees go. I think that it was designed to give back rupees to the original owner. So when the Royal Family used it, it went back to them anyway. I think that that salesman may have tinkered with it, and made it so our wasted rupees go to him. This might be Malo's secret to be wealthy also. There is no secret special power to the armor. It is just a trick the salesman used. The Royal Family probably used it for the good of the kingdom, but that snotty salesman is just stealing your money with it. Now for those playing TP, I suggest never buying the armor. It is not worth it. You will just run out of rupees, and be broke until you find some magical treasure chest. TO NOT GIVE IN TO THE PRESSURE! I do not care how pretty or enchanting it may seem, it is not. Do not buy it. Just leave the store and go dirty up your boots somewhere else. :)


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Site Staff
Nov 28, 2008
In the strictest sense, it uses rupees because the game's magic meter was removed sometime before the game was released. But they apparently didn't want to take out the armor. They likely were inspired by the original Legend of Zelda where it cost one rupee to shoot an arrow. It's best to not overthink it. It was supposed to use magic power, but they bent the rules just a bit simply to keep it in the game.
Besides... it's a great way to burn off extra rupees. Because you know most of the games have a terrible problem of having more rupees than you can ever possibly use otherwise. I thought it was a great way to make use of the otherwise mostly useless currency.


hero of...uh... somthing.
Mar 13, 2011
well the armour has a tiara type thing wich zelda also wears so i reckon the royal family made it.


Nov 12, 2010
Well.. Tough times clearly. Even armor can't afford to be magic without a lot of money. $.$ I believe it all goes to the Deku Scrub in the shrine near Lake Hylia in OoT. Only reason he'd still be in business. As for what he does with the money? Food, living expenses, cause his shop ain't payin' the bills. As for the magic armor. It may have come from the goddesses as a bit of assisstance for our hero. Unfortunately Chudley (or whatever his name is) got his hands on it first and decided to sell it for a price that even the King of Hyrule would find outrageous. Now, Chudley, he seemed like a bit of a has-been butler. For who? Maybe the King Himself. He may have stolen it under the King's nose and run off, never to be seen again. Fortunately he was bought out and lowered it to a fair price, or the Goddesses' gift would have been poorly-received.

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