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Is Less More for Gen 8 Reveals?

So far we've only seen around 20 brand new Pokémon revealed for Sword and Shield. This may just be the smallest generation yet, but I imagine we still have at least 20 to be revealed, including starter evolutions.

That said, I find it refreshing that we know so little before the games launch in just over two weeks. So much was revealed about the Gen VII roster before Sun and Moon launched. We now have an air of mystery coming into Sword and Shield as to what the remaining Pokémon are, and I welcome that.

What do you think? Is it a breath of fresh air to have so few new Pokémon revealed before launch? Or do you prefer having a big blowout like before Sun and Moon came out?
As a filthy Pokemon casual I don't really care how much or how little I know going in.

I do like that they've tried different approaches to the reveals this time around with Sirfetch'd and Galarian Ponyta's reveals.

However my main issue is with the game itself and not how many pokemon are in it or not.

I actually would love more information on the game itself to get a more up to date understanding of how it looks and runs becauee what we have seen so far of the game running is abysmal..

I want to know what builds we're actually looking at when we get new information because they look really lacking at the moment.

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