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Is It Okay to Be Non-religious?


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Nov 4, 2013
It certainly is okay to be a non-believer. As a skeptical guy and a man who embraces science I find it hard to believe in something devine, even though I'd like too. I think it must be soothing to be 100% convinced that there is more to life than living. So, in a way you could say I am jealous of people who are truely believers. I do think it depends on the interpretation.

I do believe that a lot of 'rules' that are important to some religions are made up by people long time ago to ensure the obedience of the people. A lot of people do what they do because their religion says so, which I think is wrong. It always makes me think of a certain quote, of which I sadly can't remember who said it. "If a person needs the idea of a divine reward to do good in their life, then he/she is a ****ty person to begin with''


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Jan 13, 2012
Well of COURSE it's okay. xD
Even using the social standard of right and wrong, there's nothing wrong with it. That's why we have atheists, like myself.
It's okay to not partake in anything.

In fact, there are many people who have a religion and actively use it as a cop-out excuse to harm others. (either mentally, or physically)
Though, that's not really a true religion, since they're trying to put their own beliefs upon others. Religion is, and always will be, a PERSONAL thing, that only applies to YOU. YOU and NO ONE ELSE. You don't think it is right to do something, don't do it. That give's you no right to tell others, who have DIFFERENT ideas on the matter, what to do. For YOUR beliefs do not apply to them. (It amazes me how many idiots can't get this through their thick skull.)

Asking if it okay to not be religious is as ridiculous as asking "is it okay if I don't eat this pizza?"

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