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Is It Just Me or is Megaman Impossible?

Feb 3, 2010
whenever i see "hardest games of all time" i never seem to see the first megaman on nes, and this is coming from someone who beat the ninja gaiden trilogy, castlevania and zelda 2, those were hard, but good lord they dont even compare to that games difficulty, i mean seriously i have then all on a emulator, and one day thought (about 4 months ago) hey lets beat the 6 megamans on nes.

and i cant even beat the first one, i got to doctor wily, spent about 20 mins abusing the heck out of save states, i had one hp left before i died and jsut though: oh it doesnt matter hes almsot dead anyway. i finish him off, he turns into some weird thing, his energy renews and i just shut the game off.

i mean serioisly, whenever people say zelda 2, you hear:
crap, disgrace to the series, frustrating difficulty
whenever people mention ninja gaiden you hear:

as for megaman its:
oh its so fun, ive beaten that 30 times now, i love it so much.

am i just doing something wrong on these games, i mean he jumps really low, theres enemies coming from every direction and drain your health in a second, it is without a doubt the absolute hardest game i have ever played.

so why is it megaman isnt known for its extreme difficulty?


Hmm, they only people that I can remember giving me trouble in Mega Man 1 was Ice Man, Clay Monster, and Mega Man Clone.


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May 17, 2009
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Because, in comparison, Megaman wasn't that hard. Megaman 2 is definitely one of the more difficult MMs, but back in its day, there were a lot more difficult games than Megaman. Ninja Gaiden, Prince of Persia, Top Gun, Double Dragon, etc. etc. It was hard, yeah, but not the hardest.

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Nov 26, 2008
What Zer said. To back that up, keep in mind that games were a HELL OF A LOT harder back then. They really were. I think Mega Man may have been closer to average difficulty back in the day. Although I can't confirm since I haven't played it (I'm eying Mega Man Anniversary Collection).

All I know from later Mega Man titles is that it tends to be about patterns. All bosses have surprisingly predictable patterns if you can learn them. Memorization of patterns might help you out. ;)
Feb 3, 2010
i know but people always talk about how difficult the first castlevania, to me that wasnt even worthy of being labelled as "extremely difficult" until the last 2 or 3 levels, to me megaman matches the difficulty of ninja gaiden on nes.


I wouldn't say so, Mega Man becomes a lot easier once you learn how to play and the bosses weaknesses. Ninja Gaiden is a game that can only be beaten by someone who practically studies the game and learns every little thing there is to learn.


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Jun 2, 2009
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I've played Megaman a few times before and I will say that it is indeed quite hard. I couldn't get myself very far into the game and in the levels that I did actually reach the boss and fight him, I got my butt throughly kicked. After a while of repeatedly dying, I would get so frustrated that I would finally give up and turn the game off.


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Nov 29, 2008
I haven't played 1, but I've beaten 2, 3, and I'm waiting to dedicate enough time to go through the last section in 9 (because you need to do a lot in one go, and I often have to stop). What I have always found is that it starts off at one of the hardest points, although you get up to Wily, so that isn't the problem. It also doesn't seem as though you are finding it difficult because of the comparative ease of today's games, you have played Ninja Gaiden. So, assuming that it is something with you, and that everyone else is right about difficulty, I have a few options off the top of my head:

- You need a better controller: Maybe a keyboard is just not the right way to play Megaman.
- Your emulator has amped up the difficulty: that would explain it pretty well.
- Your not used to the style: there might be some easy way to use a certain item against the boss.
Sep 20, 2020
Well, one contributing factor for its difficulty is its physics engine.
Since you said you got to Wily Machine Phase 2, you would've had to complete Guts Man's stage.
Guts Man's stage is pretty much the physical embodiment of Mega Man's janky gravity. If you were unlucky enough, the moving platforms would have dropped out from under you, at which point you would go skyrocketing to your death.
It turns out that that happens because the game thinks you're already falling, even though you're actually on a moving platform. By the time the platform moves out, you would've achieved maximum/terminal velocity.

You get used to it, though.


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Oct 13, 2013
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The first Megaman is one of the harder games in the series. Mostly because the game has way too many insta death scenarios. Later Megaman games worked out this is poor levle design and designed better levels. Practice makes perfect and feel free to use save states, the game is really got that good honestly that you want to kick your own ass trying to beat it.

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Mar 23, 2013
The MegaMan games hail from an era of gaming that was less about fun gameplay and skill and more about repetition, patterns, and forcing the player to replay extended sections of the game to bloat playtime. These days the best way to play them is with the HD collections that offer rewind functionality.

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