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Is Fi the New Navi?

Is Fi annoying?

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Dec 19, 2011
Yes i have to say Fi is a new Navi. She basically Navi 2.0. She is better in how she doesn't yell at you like Navi. But she does contently remind you of facts you already now like Navi.


Navi will always be the "bane" of my childhood, alright, perhaps not that bad, but bleh, her voice still makes me flinch... I don't mine the little beep that Fi makes. I don't mind that she's captain obvious and likes to give statistics (which you mainly have to ask her for anyways...) And I wouldn't say she has no personality, just a very formal and overly polite one. Navi really had less than Fi does... But, perhaps I just like Fi's character design so much that part of me just bypasses the negative. :P
Sep 17, 2011
Fi wasn't annoying at all. Being completely devoid of any personality (having the emotional scale of a robot) was the best possible characterisation for a sidekick who's basically a sword. Swords aren't sentient and Fi was the spirit of Master Sword, thus she didn't have any feelings. She was created by the Goddess, had only a single purpose to aid Link in his quest (though yes, informing that the batteries are running low on every possible moment while you have that "low battery" icon on the bottom of the screen did strike more as Nintendo being the mother hen to all gamers than "an annoying character quirk" to me).

I would have found it odd to have another sidekick with huge personality and humongous back story (like Midna, who stole the limelight from other characters every now and then), especially this time when the sidekick is a spirit of a weapon. Master Sword had, in that sense, humbler origins when its past only involed its creation and Fi, who somewhat emotionlessly followed through with her orders. It was a perfectly logical personality.

She's the new Navi in the sense that she was the new sidekick, who informed Link on where to go, what he was fighting etc. In a way I think OoT!Link and Navi developed more close friendship than SS!Link and Fi, due to differences in their stories (and clearly because of Fi being...Fi). But both OoT!Link and SS!Link felt bad after parting from their sidekicks. Still, annoying? Meh, Navi always seemed more like "that one nagging friend" to Link than an actual annoyance.

Besides, I think it's...safer to have Fi being in the Master Sword than, say, Ghirahim. Who knows what kind of Lady Gaga-esque shenanigans he'd pull. He'd steal everyone's attention. : D


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
i didn't find either of them annoying, though did get fed up with Fi telling me the batteries in the remote were depleting
Oct 2, 2011
The Internet
Navi was only annoying on the second playthrough (and with her voice).

Fi kept telling me the obvious too many times. "There are bars blocking the next room, you need to figure out a different way in."
Yes, I see them, Fi.


I must agree with most people here and conclude that Fi is rather annoying. She will point out the most obvious things, but only give clues about anything that makes you progress throught the actual story.


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Nov 28, 2011
Maricopa, Arizona
Well, I think sounds really cool. I love how her voice is like all auto tuned and roboty. As cool as she is and looks, she can be anoying. When your in a family that only gives you an hour of game time a day, everytime she talks it's like,"SHUT UP LET ME PLAY THE GAME!" Also no Navi is a classic character and I think Nintendo will be using fairy partners for a long time.
Dec 19, 2011
Vermont, USA
I'm used to Navi being annoying at this point, but I'm not used to Fi yet. Every day I played it, I went to work and complained to my boss about how she liked to point out obvious stuff. I suppose I'll get used to it, in time.
At least Midna was awesome.


before the first temple i found my self saying out loud "MY GOD ITS NAVI ALL OVER AGAIN!!" talking about Fi. but near the end i actually enjoyed her. so i think in the beginning she is but near the end once you know everything and she interrupts less she is great.


I like Fi and all, really I do, but was it really necessary for her to tell me every single time I got down to three hearts that I needed to go replenish them? I thought that every time my wii remote started to beep that it would be her with some helpful information but nope, it's just, "Go get some more hearts!" Thank you. I noticed by the incessant beeping noise. It really detracted from the epic atmosphere of the final boss, with Fi telling me that I needed to go get more hearts.
Sep 25, 2011
Navi simply isn't annoying, every so often she'd say "Hey" and if you didn't push the c-up button, she didn't say anything else. Fi doesn't give you that option... she constantly appears, states the obvious, sometimes really when not needed, and disappears again without pushing anything. Navi did this in the FIRST dungeon only. Fi popped up in the third dungeon, said something important was behind the big, boss door, (no duh) and disappeared. What gets me is that she did this twice, and neither were even the first boss door... She told me at least three times that the big green light was right over there and I should go there as if the first times I was told didn't sink in...

Like I said, Navi does it once and never does again, while Fi does it constantly during the entirety of the game. I prefer Navi...
Dec 19, 2011
I never really found Navi annoying (okay, the "Hey!" can get annoying after a while). But if you think about it, if it wasn't for Navi, Link would have never had the courage to stand up to evil, and to Mido as well. Navi is, in fact, my second favourite Zelda partner (Midna's my favourite). Navi is pretty much the sole reason why Link had the courage to go forward in Ocarina of Time…

…While Fi is just there, saying "Oh, you have no choice, you must go after Zelda blah blah blah" and doesn't really serve much of a purpose, apart from giving you information on enemies and tell you the obvious… Like Navi did, except she did it once. Fi does it multiple times.

So I do prefer Navi over Fi a LOT. Plus Fi just creeps me out.

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