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Is Ancent Cistern the Best Water Temple Dungeon Yet?

Best water themed temple?

  • Ancient Cistern all the way!

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  • OoT Water Temple!

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  • Lakebed Temple!

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  • Great Bay Temple!

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Do you guys think this temple is the best water themed temple yet? I thought it was great how it was a perfect difficulty, not hair pulling, head poundingly frustrating like the water temple in OoT and the great bay temple in MM, and not unnecessarily large and easy like the temple in TP but a perfect mix, and it was cozy too, they even surprise you after getting the whip with a...zombie apocalypse ahhhhhhhhhhh! The whole theme pretty much changes as you go into the basement of the dungeon into the dark depths of the underground caves filled zombies and more. To finish it off the temple had one of the most creative bosses in the zelda series along side the boss of the sand temple in TP. What do you guys think


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May 26, 2010
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OoT's water temple difficulty was the best yet, so I've to say no to Ancient Cistern. Besides, it didn't quite strike me as a water temple anyway. More of an otherworldly/shadow temple if I may say so.


I didn't like how easy it was. Some of you may have seen it as a good difficulty, but I like a challenge, and this temple did not provide.
I like the Water Temples in OoT and MM BECAUSE they're so hair-pullingly challenging. While I agree TP was pretty easy, the Ancient Cistern is not my favorite.

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Jun 28, 2011
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I'm gonna have to go with VanitasXII, OoT's Water Temple had the best difficulty because it wasn't easy unlike other temples and the Ancient Cistern wasn't really a Water Temple, for me it gave off the evil catacombs/deserted tomb vibe.


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Aug 3, 2010
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It was an easy temple, but IMO the funnest water temple yet. I loved the zombie bokoblins, and it was really well designed throughout. Another reason I like it is because it is easy. Almost every other Zelda Water temple is insanely hard, making them unfun. (IMO) This one wasn't too hard, but still had a few good puzzles, and was really enjoyable.


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Oct 8, 2011
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I'm not sure it's the best water temple, but I enjoyed it. It was much easier than OoT's water temple and The Great Bay temple from MM. The boss is by far the best water temple boss though. And I have to agree with most of the guys above me, in that I'm not sure you could classify it as a water temple.


Poor Great Bay Temple it has no votes :(, but I already voted so there is nothing I can do about it.


Jan 10, 2011
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I wouldn't actually classify it as a water dungeon. Sure, it had water in it, but it was more amphibious (part land, part water). And, quite honestly, it was more land-based than water. But I would definitely say it's the best overall out of all the water dungeons.


Jun 22, 2011
Ancient Cistern is really good, but I like the Water Temple from OOT a bit more. The Water Temple was one of most nonlinear 3d dungeons ever, and you had tons of options since you could skip any key. The boss of the Ancient Cistern is 1000X better than Morpha though.


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Mar 9, 2010
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I like MM's water temple (Great Bay) the most because it had its nice share of puzzles while not being as annoying as OoT's water temple (which would be my #2) with the iron boots. Also it had a very good boss which puts it above OoT's water temple too (Morpha was a joke), but SS had the best boss battle by far. That's still not enough to put Ancient Cistern above Great Bay for me because it was very linear and easy, even TP's water temple wasn't that linear. I still like he 2-in-1 dungeon concept though (the "light" and "dark" parts).
And I also don't really accept it as a dedicated water temple, because underwater action played a very small role in this temple, they probably did it because of fan complaints about the other water temples being "too hard" (which they are not) :/

On a side note, the English name of the dungeon is probably the only one that even has a reference to water ("cistern"). In German it's called "Höhlenheiligtum" (=cave sanctuary) and the original Japanese 古の大石窟 roughly translates to "Big Ancient Stone Cave", not much of a direct reference to a water theme in both cases. NoA has probably been very creative with their names (same goes for the "Fire Sanctuary" which is simply called "Altes Großheiligtum" in German (=Big Ancient Sanctuary) and 古の大祭殿 (Big Ancient Shrine) in the original Japanese version, again, no reference to fire)


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Aug 11, 2011
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In terms of difficulty throughout the whole dungeon, I prefer Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask.

In terms of non-linearity, I prefer the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time, though I found it easy.

In terms of bosses, I prefer the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time's Mini Boss and Ancient Cistern's Boss.

In terms of overall theme, I prefer the Great Bay Temple and Ancient Cistern.

Lakebed Temple seemed average to me in every category.

In the end, I enjoyed Ancient Cistern more than any of the Water Temples. Though, like has been said, it was only partially Water.
So, out of the listed dungeons, I love Ancient Cistern. Out of Water Temples, I'm not sure I consider it a TRUE Water Temple, in that case, I'd prefer Great Bay Temple.


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Oct 4, 2010
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The Ancient Cistern was in no way a water temple. I don't understand why people feel like it is, Skyview temple had almost as much water and it involved changing the water levels. By default Skyview had more in common with a water temple than Ancient Cistern did. This is why I like SS, it mixes things up, you get to Lake Floria and you start to gear up for a water temple (its even behind a waterfall!) and then bam, you get nothing of the sort. It was kinda like a cross between Spirit & Shadow themes from OoT. In the same way the Sandship was not a desert temple... it was..erm, a ship. What I will say though is that I really loved this temple. Sure, it wasn't overly demanding but it was just such a dream to play through.
Nov 28, 2011
Ancient Cistern is my favorite dungeon EVER. I loved using the whip and snatching silver rupees from moving statue hands and fighting zombies and such and such. Plus Koloktos. 'Nuff said.


Oct 10, 2011
holy crap that boss battle!!!!! there has not been one with so much excitement since i fought ganon in OoT and WW, i have found bosses to be very easy and monotonous or just tiresome except those two and now this game brings epic battles!

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