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Spoiler Irritating Enemies


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Nov 25, 2011
The Wilderness.
There's always one that makes me just want to shut off the game. I hadn't so far, but now these Beamos are really getting to me. It always comes down to the third step in defeating them, when you have to perform a stab. It appears that when I perform a stab with my remote, I get a 1/3 chance of actually getting a stab and not some diagonal slash. It irritates me because by the time I actually do get a stab, I've lost half of my hearts. :\ There's been parts of the game where I think they over did it with the Beamos, such as the room in the Sandship. I also just went through with the mine cart to get to the Thunder Dragon, twice, and ended up dying to the beamos. I guess it's my fault for not carrying any fairies.

Is there any enemies in the game that make you want to...quit? Don't get me wrong, I won't quit because of it. It's just a bit irritating. :eek:


Jan 10, 2011
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Try taking your time and pointing the Wii remote at the screen. I've never had this problem with the stab.

Anyway, I can't think of any enemies that irritated me to no end in this game. I have many enemies I hate, such as the Staldras, but none that make me want to rage quit.
Sep 10, 2011
I think th bokoblins with electric weapons are the most irritating, I just stay back and keep launching skyward strikes at them.


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Mar 9, 2010
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Some enemies in the game are quite annoying for me too, I'll go over them (since I'm playing the German version of the game, names might differ, I'm using names from previous Zelda games if possible):

Beamos: One of them at a time is OK, I have no big problems performing the special sword slashes (horizontal/horizontal/stab) but what I hate is when they gang up on you. There's one room towards the end of the sandship where there are three of them, I HATE that room! Normally when you have two of them you can at least make it so that one of them can't reach you (for example in the Pirates' Hideout where you can use the time ball so that only one of them is activated and then deal with the other one). But here, there's absolutely no blind spot! While dealing with Beamos A, it's almost guaranteed that Beamos B and/or C will shoot at you, and there's no way to avoid that, at least I haven't found the trick. And once you get shot from Beamos B/C, then Beamos A will use your knock-out time and shoot at you too, the only thing you can do then is to quickly leave and re-enter the room (while probably getting hit yet another time during the process). I finished the sandship in Hero Mode today, and I went into the room with full health (~13 hearts) and left it with ~3 hearts after using a full potion (had to use it when I was down to 1), so in total those annoying f's ripped me off around 22 hearts, that's ridiculous!

Electric Chu-Chus: There's just way too many of them, and when you split a big one into two and are not quick enough with the spin attack afterwards then they WILL electrocute you. Sure, you could wait for the electricity to go off but that takes to long, especially if it's a huge chu-chu that splits into 4 or 8.

Bokoblin Archers: This time around, they detect you from an extremely high distance and you have to look around to find them and shoot them with your own bow. You're likely to have been hit 2 times by them by the time you've located them. They're especially nasty when you don't have your own bow yet, for example in the Ancient Cistern there's a room where one of them is on a higher ledge. He can reach you but you can't reach him and you'll probably get hit when you're on the vines near him (before getting to him). And they are annoying in a certain escort mission too, there it's crucial to your success that you see them from miles away, so you have to stop and check your whole field of view thoroughly after every few steps.

Fat Spear Guys: (whatever their official name is, I'm referring to those fat red enemies with spears and either a wooden or metal shield). Hate them mainly because of their ridiculously high HP. On my first playthrough, I landed ~12 hits with my sword on the one that is on a bridge high inside the great tree in Faron Woods and he still wouldn't die! Instead he hit me once and I fell down to the bottom of the tree and had to walk all the way up again :mad: And of course this was only the weaker variant with the wooden shield. Seriously, how man sword hits does he take before going down? 16? 24? Over 9000? I never tried to finish them with my sword ever again after that, it's just a waste of time. On my current Hero Mode playthrough, I played it safe and bombed him to death (took 4 bombs IIRC).
Their high HP also annoyed me during the escort mission I already mentioned above. You must know, arrows are the key to getting through that part of the game. So the wooden shielded one takes five regular arrows to go down and the metal shielded one a whopping TEN arrows! But you only have 20 arrows max. normally and supplies are sparse in that region. Needless to say I ran out of arrows near the end of that section and ran into a situation with two Bokoblin archers and one fat spear guy. Also needless to say that I failed horribly. And if you fail there and the guy you have to escort gets hit around 3 times, you have to start the WHOLE DAMN section over again! So I went back to upgrade my bow to the Sacred(?) Bow (the level 3 one) and bought a quiver which I also upgraded to level 3 so that I could hold 35 arrows, only this way could I make it through that section easily.

But enough with the ranting, the boss battles were really fun and unique and made up for some of the annoying regular enemies.


Nov 11, 2011
All of the enemies. Not so much that I want to turn my Wii off, but they are irritating. I have so much trouble with the 1:1. :(


The Imprisoned. You have to fight it like, 5 billion times
if you want to get the Hylian Shield.
Apr 16, 2010
The only enemy I found really annoying were the Bokoblins with the electric weapons. They ALWAYS eletrocute me!

This. In fact, all of the electric enemies for that matter. However, I found that it is much easier to use Skyward Strikes against these enemies. It takes a bit longer, but you don't run the risk of being electrocuted.

I also thought that those snail-type enemies with the electric shells were very annoying. Luckily, you could make them run into walls pretty easily - thus, stunning them - so it wasn't too bad, unless you're in quicksand or a large barren field.

I didn't like The Imprisoned either, but that's a boss, and therefore, another topic.


I personally couldn't stand quite a few, but to save time, I'll bunch most of them into a group.

1. Any given electricity holding enemy (Minus the frog things [I never check names/info] I just shoot arrows or roll bombs at them.)
I swear, Even the jellies. With any other given Jelly, I can slash them in half, then slash both halves before they hit the ground. But for some reason, it seemed like EVERY time I would run into a Thunder Jelly, it would miss one of them, then after I've only swung once, swing again and zap the hell out of me.

2. Those weird little scorpion things from the desert. UGH Those things were like crabs without a shell. Looked all squishy and whatnot. Anyway, these ones were mainly because they would jump on you, and just cling. For some reason, even when I rolled and did spin attacks, they just didn't want to let go. It was bugging me so bad. I was almost screaming when I got to that hall in the Sandship. Oh GOD that hall. =.=


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Feb 8, 2011
I find no enemies annoying in general--save for those who adhere to you in the heat of a fight--because each of them has a general strategy which they can be overcome by. Only a handful of enemies have vexed me throughout the course of the game so far. But Nintendo has incorporated many cheat systems to turn to if you're afraid of getting the life thrashed or zapped out of you. Skultullas were one such nemesis I utterly despised and dreaded, until I figured out that an Upward Spin Attack would land them on their backs. Another difficult adversary was the Technoblin, but I figured out that bombing them with the Beetle is a swift way to dispatch them. Once again, there are certain tactics one can employ to bring them an expedient death. One must only step back and analyze the scenario, unless it's preferred to push through promptly. That doesn't make me invincible though; I've died on numerous occasions.

And actually, there is one group of enemies I would much rather not partake my time with: the Guardians. As many may know hunting down the Tears can be quite difficult at times. I was killed about five time in Faron because I couldn't pinpoint the final tear, even with the beacon it shot up. Ultimately I found it atop that structure near the starting point. Lanayru's trial was much easier, although I had a special run-in with that bunch of Phantoms you-know-where. But there is nothing more despairing than having to outrun the Guardians while seeking out a Tear to save your life. Now that is very irritating.

Fat Spear Guys: (whatever their official name is, I'm referring to those fat red enemies with spears and either a wooden or metal shield).

Those would be Moblins. ;) I actually enjoy them since there's finally a foe you can quick-hack at (minus the shields they carry).
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Quick-Tip about the Electric ChuChus and the 3 beamos room in the sandship.

The electric ChuChus can be instantly killed by a bomb.
You can also instantly kill a beamos by shooting an arrow in its eye.

For me, the most annoying is definely those Electrical Bokoblins or what they're called. I can end up loosing up to half of my hearts to them. The other one was those skulltullas that crawl on the floor. That was the only thing I looked up on the internet (along with cawlins quest which seems to have glitched for me). Also the imprisoned.

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