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Iron Boot Trouble

Links Brother

I am Links older Brother!
Jul 12, 2011
Today I would like to talk about the item known as, Iron Boots. These are mainly used in OoT and TP and WW but I will talk about OoT and TP only today. Iron Boots can be useful and very annoying at the same time. Let's first talk about the iron boots in OoT where it was used for mostly the Water Temple. We used these boots to sink down in the water in the temple and also made you walk very slow. What made everyone mad was having to go to the start screen, put the boots on and exit. Then having to do the same thing to get them off. Now in TP the Iron Boots were used much more and had many purposes. These are sinking down in water, pushing switches, and sticking to walls. Also you were able to put this item to the control pad so you did not have to put them on and put them off by always going to start screen. So these are my thoughts on the Iron Boots, please share your ideas about what you thought of the boots.
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May 21, 2011
I do admit being able to put not only items but clothes on the start screen was helpful in TP for using the Iron Boots, it wasn't all that hard to hit the start button in OoT. I do admit though, listening to the sound effect every time was enough to annoy me to the point of insanity. Almost. If you don't play it for a while and go back and play it, it's not that bad. I kind of liked the Iron Boots personally, it's not something you'd think of. Then again, neither are Hoover Boots. But, going back towards the topic, i think that the main pain in the butt with the Iron Boots was getting to them in oot. we might see them in SS
Aug 2, 2010
I hated the Iron boot in the Water temple. The worst was when you see a hole filled with water, so you put the iron boot on, walk through the tunnel, take them of to rise back up but notice that the water doesnt reach the floor that your trying to get to, so you have to put on the boots, equip the hook shot, hookshot up there, and take the boots off.
It was terrible.
(The iron boots were also in WW. Its the first game that had it as a c-item/x,y,z item.)

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